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With today's daily energy on November 04th, 2023, an extremely special constellation reaches us, because Saturn will be in the zodiac sign Pisces after a long time (since June this year) again directly and for a year and a half (until mid-2025). For this reason, a phase will now slowly but surely come into force in which many structures will experience an upheaval or, better yet, a deep transformation. In this context, on February 07, 2024, Saturn will have again reached a complete level as at the beginning of its retrograde. Nevertheless, the energy will now begin to unfold. After all, the zodiac sign Pisces as the last sign in the zodiac sign cycle always stands for the end and also for the transition into a new quality of time, i.e. the transition into a new phase (Pisces = end – last character | Aries = beginning – first sign).

The meaning of direct Saturn in Pisces

The meaning of direct Saturn in PiscesOn the other hand, the zodiac sign Pisces is always associated with a deep spiritual and sensitive connection. The Pisces star sign is also closely connected to the crown chakra, which generally goes hand in hand with our own divine development. This strongly addresses our crown chakra, allowing us to open up to a heightened and ascended self-image. Basically, a Pisces phase is always about the rise of our own consciousness, accompanied by the development of our own divine spirit. Everything earthly wants to enter divine realms. Saturn, in turn, represents great trials, unpleasant topics, fixed structures, dogmas and strict systems. Within its directness, all corresponding circumstances and aspects will accelerate, which means we could even face major tests or even persistent circumstances. However, direct Saturn within the Pisces zodiac sign will trigger a profound change. This is how all structures that are not based on divine and therefore harmoniously vibrating circumstances want to go. The system can therefore undergo a major change, at least the collective will make a significant leap forward and accordingly show how dilapidated and outdated the current system or the illusory world is.

The deep transformation of the system

daily energyOn the other hand, things can get very unpleasant in this phase, because in order to reach what feels like the last person, i.e. to allow a rethink and to realize that there is much more to the world, ever tougher measures are put in place, the stricter and tougher it is System operates, the more closed people are given the opportunity to recognize this injustice and begin to deal with the background of their own minds and the world. On the one hand, we have a humanity that is becoming increasingly sensitive in some parts and that (a) completely rejects the existing establishment, on the other hand there are people who still stick to the system. However, as the world is undergoing a major ascension, those still clinging to the system will inevitably be confronted with the new consciousness. The system that is trying with all its might to remain in existence and clinging to it convulsively will rear up and implement the last major measures or even limitations (very questionable laws, taxes that no one can pay anymore, hyperinflation, etc.), which only allows the people to fully awaken. The revolution of the human spirit thus gains full momentum and becomes fully manifest. Only then will the pseudo-system fall into maximum upheaval. Well, this phase will last until 2025, meaning we will experience big changes in the next few years. There is no doubt that Saturn transiting direct in Pisces will do great things and lead humanity on a new path of transformation. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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