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Today's daily energy on November 04th, 2017 is characterized by a powerful full moon in Taurus and the first portal day of this month. Because of this, we are also receiving a large increase in cosmic radiation today, which will definitely transport some sustainable programs/thought processes anchored in the subconscious into our daily consciousness in a very special way.

Live in harmony with nature

Full Moon in TaurusIn this context, it is currently also about a cleaning phase in which a lot of people find themselves. So in the current process of spiritual awakening we simply shake off a lot of shadow parts or other negative parts of ourselves in order to be able to stay in a high frequency again as a result. Ultimately, there are also various negative parts, i.e. lasting thoughts and emotions, destructive programs or rather low-frequency habits, behaviors, beliefs, convictions and views that keep lowering our own vibration frequency and prevent us from bathing in the power of our own self-love to be able to For this reason, it is currently also about the fact that we humans continue to develop ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually, so that we can stand in the power of our own self-love again. Due to the consequent increase in our own frequency (an increase that takes place every 26.000 years - cosmic cycle - 13.000 years low consciousness/ignorance/suffering/fear, 13.000 years high consciousness/knowledge/harmony/love), we are automatically prompted to loving ourselves are encouraged to live in harmony with nature again. Of course, this is an undertaking that is difficult for many people, especially in the beginning of the newly started "waking up phase", simply for the reason that the development of our own egoistic mind was encouraged from an early age (energetically dense system, meritocracy, material oriented world).

Due to today's full moon + portal day, we can definitely assume that the high incoming energies will stir up a lot in us. For this reason, use this circumstance and, if necessary, change the alignment of your own mental state in order to be able to become a bit freer again..!!

So we humans have simply forgotten how to live in harmony with nature again, have forgotten how to love ourselves, eat naturally and, above all, we have also forgotten how to legitimize unprejudiced thinking in our own mind (the more prejudiced people are , the more judgments we legitimize in our own mind, the more we close our own mind) . Nevertheless, this circumstance is currently changing again and more and more people are now feeling increasingly attracted to nature and other natural states. Well then, for this reason, today is also ideally suited to being able to initiate an increase in your own frequency again. Due to the very energetic full moon + the portal day, it is also very inspiring to go into nature today and simply be able to enjoy the peace and uniqueness of these living worlds. In this context, natural places - such as forests - also have a high frequency from the ground up and therefore simply have a very positive effect on our own mind/body/spirit system and favor the processing of high vibrational frequencies. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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