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Full moon

With today's daily energy on May 04th, 2023, we have reached another peak in the sun/moon cycle, because early today, at 05:42 a.m. to be precise, a magical full moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius became manifest, opposite which the sun in turn Zodiac sign Gemini. For this reason, a strong quality of energy will accompany us throughout the day, which is not only profound can bring insights, but also addresses our true being in depth. In this context, the Sagittarius zodiac sign is always associated with energies that make us of high spirits and also allow us to feel a strong pull towards the realization of our highest goals.

expansion and fullness

Full moonOn the other hand, this full moon would also like to lead us into the expansion. So the ruling planet of Sagittarius is also Jupiter. Jupiter itself, in turn, represents happiness, joy, optimism, fulfillment and ultimately expansion. In combination with the full moon, which generally always goes hand in hand with completion, fullness and unity, this results in an energy mixture that literally wants to lead us to the highest. And especially in the current phase of awakening, it is generally becoming more and more important that we enter a high state of consciousness. This means in particular a state of consciousness that is primarily connected to our heart, i.e. a state in which cordiality, love, contentment, lightness and closeness to nature are anchored, i.e. all properties that are always associated with a high energy or frequency and ours Accelerate Lightbody (a fully opened heart is the only interface that will lead to the healing of the collective). Of course, full moons can always be perceived as very intense, sometimes also as very exhausting. Nevertheless, they always carry an important message with them at their core and bring important circumstances to our attention. Through Sagittarius Full Moon we can therefore clearly see which high goals we still want to achieve and, above all, how we can implement them. A pull to higher spheres is therefore noticeably present.

Cleansing our throat chakra

Full moonOn the other hand, the Sagittarius full moon also speaks strongly to our own self-expression. It is not for nothing that the zodiac sign Sagittarius is also assigned to the throat chakra. In this way, the corresponding area is supplied with a lot of energy, which on the one hand makes it easier to say what has not been said before, and on the other hand we can even address corresponding things in an almost unavoidable way. Heavy energies that have anchored within our throat chakra can be released on this day and also around this full assembly. In exactly the same way, this area always goes hand in hand with our individuality and wisdom. This full moon is all about realizing ourselves and expressing our deepest being instead of becoming entangled. In keeping with this, the moon itself as a full moon, which always stands for our hidden parts, wants to bring them to the surface. So let's celebrate today's full moon day and follow the impulses that will now reach us with full attention. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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