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Today's daily energy on May 04th, 2022 will be shaped on the one hand by the increasing influences of the Gemini Moon, whereby the energies of the element of air will affect us. On the other hand, the general high spring energy continues to affect us and gives us a quality of energy that allows us to feel more active, alive and, above all, vital. In this context, I have already done so within the last one Daily energy article mentioned that nature is currently blooming so much and, above all, that medicinal plants, for example, are appearing on such a large scale that has not been the case in recent years.

The great blossoming

Silver-leaved deadnettle

This medicinal plant is the almost unmistakable silver-leaved deadnettle. A true treasure of nature that shows itself in all its splendor, especially in spring. On my Instagram channel: https://www.instagram.com/allesistenergie/ you can see more pictures about it

In the previous years, nature also flourished and, as is typical, many medicinal plants appeared. But this year the growth seems to be beyond all proportions. For example, garlic mustard, which tastes like garlic and is completely edible, is rather larger in spring (higher) nascent medicinal plant with white flowers (Picture follows further down in the article), shows itself in a gigantic abundance and it feels like it is everywhere (never experienced it in this form, no matter where you go, the garlic mustard shows up everywhere). Well, because of the past year, which could be perceived as very stressful for many (at least if you let your mind be filled with fearful information from the world again and again - regardless of this, the energy quality was generally very intense and could address many personal topics and inner shadows), the burdened collective spirit or the poisoned bodies of people need more than ever the most potent and, above all, healing food. And in this regard, medicinal plants, alongside grasses (Medicinal grasses), algae and sprouts, are simply the purest food available to us. Full of vital substances, full of light, chlorophyll and, above all, soaked in the healing energies of the surrounding nature, a true blessing. The fact that we are now increasingly consuming this purest form of food is clearly signaled by this enormous spring upswing.

Air energy

garlic mustard

The special garlic mustard, which tastes like garlic, is completely edible and is currently growing in abundance, seemingly everywhere. You can even harvest the roots and then eat them. The taste is very reminiscent of horseradish..!!

Well, on the other hand, as already mentioned, the energy of the Gemini Moon also affects us. On a physical level, our glandular system is particularly addressed (We should let cleansing move in here – natural/detoxifying diet). On an energetic level, the air energy would like to let us rise into the air or into the sky. Right now, during the high spring energies, we can generally learn to fly by joining the natural cycle of nature and allowing maximum liveliness to enter our innermost being. Nature shows us how. In every conceivable corner, nature thrives in its unimaginable diversity and thus shows us a condition that we should make manifest now more than ever. And since the general Gemini energy can encourage us to expand our own horizons or even ignite the urge within us to experience new circumstances, today is the perfect day to join in the principle of blossoming. Therefore, let us enjoy the day with joy and devotion. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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