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Today's daily energy on May 04th, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the extremely cleansing and transforming basic influences and on the other hand, or associated with it, by the preliminary new moon and portal day influences (New Moon in the zodiac sign Taurus - Tonight at 00:48 a.m). For this reason, a new moon phase is now being initiated again and the manifestation of new structures and, above all, the final clearing of some interference fields (internal conflicts), at least new moon energies are particularly suitable for this.

Preliminary new moon influences

Preliminary new moon influences

The portal day influences will also do the rest and will already have a temporary effect on us today. We can now expect two powerful days that will bring clarity, the realization of our dreams, the clearing of old structures and the realignment of our minds. Basically, we could now even create a perfect foundation and ultimately break out of our own situations of deficiency and also our ideas of deficiency. Due to the “Taurus zodiac sign”, we could also pursue corresponding intentions with perseverance and a persistent mood, especially if we get involved with the influences and completely follow the natural flow of life and, above all, the natural flow consisting of a mixture of new moon & Portal day energies, surrender. On the other hand, the Taurus Moon can make us feel increased harmony and calm, even if this doesn't necessarily happen due to the strong energies (Frictions – cleansing – transformation, everything comes up, everything wants to be looked at and clarified), but the possibility still exists and if we are in the right mood, then it can have a very healing influence on our entire mind/body/spirit system, because, as we know, there is strength in calm. Well, today will certainly give us very special and highly effective energies and allow us to immerse ourselves even more deeply in our state of being. Always remember that you have everything in your hands, because everything arises from your spirit.

Goodness is love purified by knowledge of the dross of passion. – Buddha..!!

You are the way, the truth and life. The golden age, awareness of one's own complete, limitless potential and paradise, these are all states that we can manifest within ourselves. Therefore, use the preliminary influences and let a new version of yourself come to life, a possibility, present in your own mind. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂
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