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Today's daily energy on March 04th, 2019 is still characterized on the one hand by the Aquarius Moon and on the other hand by the still very stormy basic energetic quality. The strong solar winds of the past few days have now calmed down (February 28th and March 01st were characterized by stronger impulses from the sun), but the current days are still highly transformative, cleansing and, above all, consciousness-expanding, i.e. there are still optimal conditions for transforming one's own mind into completely new ones To be able to expand dimensions (directions/states). Pure transformative potential (The collective awakening continues to come to a head - acceleration evident everywhere)

Storm Bennet reaches Germany

Storm Bennet reaches GermanyParallel to this intense energy quality, a storm is now reaching us, which is expected to be accompanied by strong winds and partly also with thunderstorms and rain showers (the storm is already noticeable today - at least here in the west - the storm is now moving Coming from England, across the North Sea to Denmark. – Which: severeweatheralarm.com). What caused this storm depression, i.e. whether it is a naturally occurring weather phenomenon, or whether the depression was caused by geoengineering, i.e. by Haarp and co. was triggered, remains to be seen. The latter would at least not be unlikely, because weather manipulation takes place every day and to an extent that is hardly imaginable (a circumstance that is becoming more and more public - of course the mass media, governments and co. A lot of things are still consciously exposed to ridicule, but more and more people are becoming aware of this - a progressive process of spiritual awakening). Otherwise, one should not forget that our planet has been going through a massive phase of cleansing for several years (It has been going on for decades, only in the current phase is this situation coming to a head), which, on the one hand, accelerates collective change (Becoming aware of our own wholeness/perfection, manifestation of our true being based on wisdom, abundance, love, closeness to nature, independence and co. – We are creation itself) and on the other hand our planet is freeing itself from all structures, which in turn are of a disharmonious/low-frequency nature.

Peace begins with each of us taking care of our bodies and minds every day. – Thich Nhat Hanh..!!

Today, like every day, is all about transformation and can give us impulses through which we can continue to find our true nature (especially since anomalies regarding the planetary resonance frequency are still present - see picture below - Source: Russian Space Observing Center).

Planetary resonance frequency

Well, finally, I would like to see another video from the channel 100% truth refer (channel from the operator of the orgonenergie.net page) by taking exciting nature photos (musically backed) to be shown. Shots that definitely contrast with today's Haarp weather (most likely Haarp weather) and are interesting to look at (motivational video). With this in mind, friends, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support : )

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