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Today's daily energy on July 04th, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Leo at 05:20 a.m. and on the other hand by a very intensive energy quality. The lion moon stands for one more pronounced optimism, self-confidence, self-assurance and a strong demeanor. The prevailing energy quality in turn leads us into completely new conditions.

Special features since the total solar eclipse

Special features since the total solar eclipseIn this context, a very special magic has prevailed since the total solar eclipse; in some cases the frequency field is so strong that hardly anyone can escape this immense energy. I also feel how my entire system is flooded with high-frequency energetic inflows, which is why I have been anchored in very deep meditative states over the last two days, despite a few moments of upswing. At times during the day I was very tired and had the feeling that I could sleep constantly, which was very unusual for me personally. In this context, I often heard this in my immediate environment, whether it was my brother, my girlfriend or some of you from the community, the strong energetic influences really lead us into very deep states and demand a lot from us, which is why increased fatigue can become apparent. Well, ultimately a huge shift took place and new structures became manifest. Structures that in turn massively promoted the transition to 5D or the golden age. Consequently, this also goes hand in hand with the fact that we initiate corresponding 5D structures or the golden age within ourselves, because this is the only way this age can reach us in the first place, i.e. by manifesting the associated energy/sensation/magic within ourselves let be.

Be the change you want for this world. – Mahatma Gandhi..!!

We ourselves represent the origin and change on the outside can only happen when we initiate this change within ourselves, which is exactly how it is with the golden age, with abundance, peace and 5D, everything always begins within ourselves Well, today's daily energy, which can make us very optimistic and self-confident due to the Leo Moon, is still very intense in nature and can therefore continue to tire us a little. But that's not a bad thing, because we're currently going through the most exciting days of all - at least from a frequency perspective. There are so many incredibly important things happening in the background and a new cycle has begun. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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