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Today's daily energy on February 04th, 2020 continues to be characterized by extremely bright and, above all, consciousness-expanding influences, which is why we are in these days, especially since February 02nd, 2020 (2-2-2-2||Ein day that came with an energy that in turn triggered a profound change in the collective consciousness), increasingly experience internal cleansing or transformation.

Mass consciousness is rising

Mass consciousness is risingThe mass consciousness rises to higher frequency states, i.e. since the number of awakened people is currently so high and countless people consciously find themselves in their awakening process from day to day, a real ascension explosion is taking place - hardly anyone can face it and even those who vehemently fight against the collective rise/change and want to have nothing to do with it - i.e. people who are currently in no way aware of their own creative power and therefore succumb to a daily self-imposed appearance (one's own reality is not based on knowledge of one's own origin, but is much more a low-frequency mass reality in which one's own beliefs, convictions and, above all, one's own world view, is penetrated and accompanied by the currently existing system - spiritual oppression), sooner or later or in the coming weeks/months, you will consciously find yourself in the awakening process, the ascension has just progressed too much. In this context, this development has been noticeable since February 02.02nd. also incredibly. Admittedly, also in the weeks before or, for example, in the last 2019 months, in which extremely strong self-knowledge, especially in relation to one's own highest divine spirit/one's own highest self-image, became manifest (Always remember, the more people have a feeling or a new knowledge within themselves, the stronger the corresponding knowledge manifests itself in the collective - the predominant energy on this blog alone - at this time when many are moving towards their own light/highest Having become conscious of divine being, the development of the collective spirit has been extremely advanced), you could feel this collective ascension very strongly, but after the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and now since the palindrome portal on February 02nd, there are feelings about this that can hardly be put into words.

In itself, it is difficult to put into words how much we have developed in the last few days, weeks, months and years, that we have been able to consciously experience this rise and of course continue to experience that we have created this existence for ourselves and ourselves find yourself in the midst of the greatest transition process. A good decade ago, such a journey would never have been possible. How strongly you have hooked yourself into a new reality. And now we have crossed a huge threshold and are experiencing a humanity, created by ourselves and, above all, shaped by our inner ascension - as within, so without, which is in the process of completely transitioning into a knowing/high-frequency state of consciousness. The previously self-imposed appearance of the system, which in turn resulted in a spiritual prison, is crumbling at every corner. Mass consciousness is currently rising and it is the most wonderful thing of all that we are able to witness this process..!! 

On that day and also within the following day, i.e. yesterday, there was somehow a mood that made you feel the collective rise very strongly. On the one hand, a lot has changed since then and you are literally drawn into using your own creative power for a life full of light (the realization of our highest divine spirit on all levels of existence becomes manifest) and on the other hand, your own perception has become even more acute (It wasn't just me that felt this way; this fact became clear in conversations with other people).

Political circumstances

On the other hand, the global circumstance also illustrates the collective rise and increased victories of the Light. Be it the successful Brexit (Against the EU dictatorship), that failed impeachment proceedings (which was already clear in advance - even if a puppet policy prevails there, after all we are talking about the USA, the haven of many high-ranking elite families, the Trump administration is acting against the NWO on many points, which could be demonstrated with countless examples), the restructuring in the Russian government (which further strengthens Putin's hold on power, The Russian government is also acting against the NWO, at least this fact is being raised as with the Trump Administration - of course the issue is highly complex and it is not always easy to get a complete overview. Whether these aspects will come true remains to be seen) or even the propagated climate change, the deliberately spread coronavirus and the fires created by the Australian government - i.e. primarily in relation to humanity, which is increasingly recognizing and making known the true background of all these events.

The light returns

The light is returning to our planet and the rise of mass consciousness in 5D has become unstoppable. We are being catapulted into a new world at top speed and it is only a matter of time before a big bang, followed by a complete Great Awakening. Everything is moving towards that. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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