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new moon

Today's daily energy on February 04th, 2019 is characterized by a new moon, to be precise by a new moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius, which brings us influences that are all about renewal and, above all, in... Sign of the manifestation of new living conditions, which are particularly characterized by a feeling of independence, freedom and self-determination.

Old structures & new possibilities

new moonIn this context, new moons generally represent the experience of new life situations, the adoption of new structures, the expansion of our own inner space in completely new directions and the shedding of old, sustainable structures. The new wants to be experienced and accepted, the old in turn wants to be discarded/let be. The zodiac sign Aquarius stands for freedom, self-determination, independence, freedom and, above all, a breakout from structures through which we experience self-imposed limits. In combination, this results in an extremely powerful mix of resonance influences through which we, if necessary, become completely open to corresponding new life circumstances and subsequently want to pursue paths that go along with them. This could, for example, also refer to paths that we previously avoided out of fear or even because we remained in our own comfort zone. But the current spirit of the times really demands that we push our own boundaries and raise our fundamental frequency (the realization of a lighter/more independent state of consciousness). The fifth dimension (5D = Our true nature, - Spirit, in which knowledge is manifest that conforms to our own divine source, - Wisdom, love, independence, peace, abundance, - Penetrating illusionary worlds with one's own spirit, positive self-image, recognizing the value of nature, – fundamental knowledge), which is being talked about more and more often, is becoming more and more manifest and therefore feels like it is drawing us “into itself”.

When you practice walking meditation and realize that you are walking on the beautiful planet Earth, you will see yourself and your steps in a completely different light and will be freed from narrow perspectives and limitations. – Thich Nhat Hanh..!!

In this context, more and more people are increasingly coming into contact with their own origins and are not only seeing through the mechanisms of the apparent system (an unjust/unnatural system created by shadow rulers), but also their self-imposed limits. One aspect in particular is becoming more and more aware of people, namely that they themselves are powerful creators of their own reality, that they themselves represent the source and, above all, the path, the truth and life.

new moon energies

New Moon - AquariusPeople become aware of their uniqueness again, understand their value again, and understand their own lives of highest importance and then make conscious use of their creative power. The current phase is not waiting, everything is changing and due to the spiritual development of the collective state of consciousness, the prevailing mental and psychological development is becoming more and more accelerated. This liberating circumstance reaches more and more people and leads to profound self-knowledge. This is also accompanied by a comprehensive opening of the heart, i.e. our own heart, which comes with a unique energy field (dimensional gate - our heart/our love as a key). And as the collective consciousness becomes stronger and, above all, resonates more and more with abundance and fundamental wisdom, there is also less and less room for disharmonious states or even states based on lies, disinformation and destructiveness. For this reason, more and more people are recognizing the corrupt political circumstances (Puppet politics, aligned mass media), just as they increasingly recognize their own destructive patterns and also feel how these patterns, in contrast to previous years, exert a much greater burden (Due to our increasing sensitivity and our mental development, we are less and less able to tolerate circumstances that are based on a destructive frequency. For this reason, dead/energetically dense foods are becoming less and less tolerated - The increase in the planetary frequency forces us to adapt to the high circumstances - we should accept the cleansing and perceive our spiritual development instead of rejecting/denying it).

Believing is like trusting in the water. When you swim, you don't hold onto the water because you would sink and drown. Instead, you relax and let yourself go. – Alan Watts..!!

Well, to come back to today's new moon day, as has already been mentioned very often, new moons and full moons are always associated with days that, purely from an energetic point of view, have a special potential for us and also have an influence on our consciousness that should not be underestimated (Just as we, as creators, can exert an influence on the entire existence, which we ourselves represent, this also happens the other way around in terms of resonance, everything has an influence, because ultimately everything is alive and everything has a corresponding radiation. Special astrological events, such as certain phases of the moon, are therefore always accompanied by an influence). Today is therefore more dedicated to planetary/collective spiritual development. Of course, every day serves our spiritual prosperity and leads us increasingly into our own becoming whole, but on new moon days you can always notice an acceleration in this regard. If we therefore open ourselves spiritually (from the heart), then we might be able to perceive circumstances that reflect not only our own further development, but also our process towards becoming whole, to which we are getting closer and closer (i.eThe path towards the now, becoming increasingly anchored in the present/in the heart), clarify.

I live here and now. I am the result of everything that has happened or will happen, but I live here and now. (Aleph) – Paulo Coelho..!!

In this regard, especially in the last few months, I have perceived new moon days (as well as full moon days) in a very special way and have experienced serious changes and very special circumstances on these days of all days. Fittingly, today is also all about the new for me, because something new has just emerged and is certainly experiencing a massive deepening today, it's really hard to put into words, but it fits perfectly again, dear ones. Well, finally, I would like to quote another passage regarding the new moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius - giesow.de:

February 4th The Sun and Moon meet in the 16th degree of Aquarius at the New Moon. Near the new moon are Mercury and Lilith and Mars is still square to Pluto. Aquarius is the sign of freedom. The new moon in Aquarius can give us an idea of ​​the areas in which we are not free. These can also be relationships in which we are dependent, but also inner feelings that tell us that we are not free. Every feeling is an evaluation of good, bad and neutral. We are always consciously or unconsciously looking for positive feelings. This orientation makes us unfree. In Aquarius we distance ourselves mentally and are therefore able to observe our feelings and not identify with them. In the days around the new moon it is easier for us to assume the role of observer.

This creative new moon offers the best day for a new beginning - especially for large and important projects. The Aquarius New Moon can innovative enterprising spirit and unusual ideas bring it to light if you are open and ready for it.

Well, with this in mind, as always, I can only point out that anything is possible at the moment and that we can recognize and break through all of our self-imposed limitations more easily than ever before. The natural abundance, which permeates everything and can be perceived at any time, becomes more and more tangible for us and we can accomplish the impossible, yes, even experience work that is like miracles. We have everything in our hands and can achieve wonderful things. Our spiritual healing process is in full swing and our divinity can be accepted. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

Joy of the day on February 04th, 2019 – Find your special task
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