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total solar eclipse

Today's daily energy on December 04th, 2021 will be mainly shaped by the powerful influences of a total solar eclipse, which in turn will take place, at least in Central Europe, from 06:29 a.m. to 10:37 a.m. (and lasts up to 4 hours). At 08:33 a.m. (the exact point naturally varies from place to place or country) the maximum eclipse of the sun takes place, i.e. the moment of totality, which in this context lasts exactly 1 minute and 54 seconds. Thus, a powerful event of enormous carrying power is reaching us today, which in turn will energetically realign the collective and accordingly give us an influx of fine/light frequencies, which are of great importance for the formation of our light body and, above all, for the further development of the collective within is.

The total solar eclipse

Total solar eclipseA solar eclipse is generally said to have an extremely strong impact. When the moon (new moon) positioned completely between the earth and the sun, then the three celestial bodies are in a straight line (perfect synchronicity) and as a result the complete shadow of the moon falls on the earth's surface, an unexpectedly deep potential is released in our energy system. It is not for nothing that eclipses within earlier advanced cultures were considered highly magical astrological events, which in turn could energetically change the fundamental frequency of the entire earth or even transform it. The perfect synchronous or rather rectilinear position of all three celestial bodies alone carries the maximum power of synchronicity, i.e. the perfection, the balance, the unity that we should revive within ourselves, for the healing/becoming whole of our own inner being (Return to true being or being based on balance and divinity). The temporary shadow that becomes manifest also wants to make our deepest inner shadows visible, i.e. shine through them, so that we become aware of our deepest inner and often repressed conflicts, whereby we become able to initiate transformation in these places. The new moon generally represents the manifestation and orientation towards new circumstances, new states of consciousness or new worlds to which we should open ourselves instead of continuing to live out an inner state of closure.

The fire energy

solar eclipse There is also the element of fire, because the sun and moon are both in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Today's total solar eclipse is therefore accompanied by an energetically explosive element, which makes the whole event much more stimulating. The energy will therefore be downright explosive and very transcendent. If necessary, many ancient patterns within us can also be released, appropriate to the Sagittarius zodiac sign - old belief patterns and conditioned worldviews, the covers of which fall away. Overall, this will be a big aspect of today's solar eclipse anyway, because the truth is currently breaking through in all corners and clearing the shadow created by the apparent system. Everything wants to be revealed, the veils of darkness should fall away so that humanity can once again be exposed to the entire truth about its being (and the world → your own world, because everything is one) comes into comprehensive contact. And it is precisely this revelation that we are currently heading towards at top speed. The old system is no longer useful to us, it no longer works with the new high vibration frequency and is therefore completely dissolving. Today's major event plays perfectly into this process and aims to provide us with tremendous clarity and the urge to experience and manifest a new world. Well, in keeping with the total solar eclipse, I would like to add an exciting section from the page Newslichter.de quote:

With the new moon and simultaneous total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 04.12.2021th, 8 at 33:13 a.m. at 19 degrees, a cycle that began 2002 years ago in December XNUMX closes and a new karmic cycle begins for all of us. Eclipses are like a collective initiation. They are moments of intense quality: time seems to pass faster and slower at the same time, a feeling as if something is stretching. Past and future merge. If we really let go, a pull towards the future is created. A total solar eclipse is powerful and significant for the destiny of all humanity. A collective new beginning is possible. Now or never.

Cycles come and go - so we are always changing: something comes to an end so that something new comes into being. Since this new moon is a total solar eclipse, this is the chance for a truly great new beginning. Even if this darkness is not visible in our latitudes - it is still powerful! In fact, we are completing a cycle that began 19 years ago, in December 2002: a total, near-degree solar eclipse in Sagittarius, like this one. Both the 2002 and 2021 solar eclipses occur at the descending lunar node (Past – the dragon tail) instead of. This ends repetitive karmic patterns and the events associated with them. When we look back on the year 2002, we realize that the events of that time were crucial for a door to close forever and for us to pursue our soul's path with all the rigor. These moments often feel fateful in retrospect.

Let us therefore welcome the powerful influences and explosive impulses of the total solar eclipse and prioritize our own self-realization more than ever. We are in a time when it is important to find our true strength and maturity again. A master process that engages the entire collective and elevates human civilization to the divine. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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