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Today's daily energy on December 04, 2018 is on the one hand influenced by the lingering influences of yesterday's portal day (otherwise completely ignored - only became aware of it thanks to a few hints - the next portal days will reach us on the following days: 7th 14th 15th 22nd 28th) and on the other side continues to be characterized by the moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio. For this reason, a situation characterized by an intense quality of energy still prevails.

The lingering portal influences

The lingering portal influencesThe special frequency circumstance can still drive us internally and possibly act as an initial spark for a mental realignment, at least if we are currently very open in this regard. If that is the case, then anything is possible, because as I mentioned in my last daily energy articles, in this overarching age of awakening everything is heading towards a circumstance that will allow many people to come back into harmony with nature and their own state of being (not only becoming aware of one's own creative source, but also living out/embodying it). A change is currently taking place and a phase of action, joy of life and balance can become increasingly evident. A huge indication of this is the ever-increasing number of people who are currently penetrating the illusory system with their own spirit. And parallel to this, a newly acquired spiritual interest (this refers not only to information regarding our own spiritual origins, but to all structures that are of a high-frequency nature, the recognition of unnatural/dense states) is growing to ever greater heights.

The lives of all living beings, whether human, animal or otherwise, are precious and all have the same right to be happy. Everything that populates our planet, the birds and the wild animals are our companions. They are part of our world, we share it with them. – Dalai Lama..!!

The rethinking can no longer be stopped in any way, on the contrary, it is expanding more and more and is now accompanying us into a phase in which we represent the change that we want for the world. As a result, we also feel an ever stronger urge for healing, growth and natural states.

Update on the herbal collection

ChickweedThat's exactly how I was now very confronted with the topic of medicinal herbs and medicinal plants. As most of you know, I set out a week ago and have been harvesting nettles and blackberry leaves every day since then. These were then processed into a very natural tasting shake. I've been doing the whole thing for a week now and these high-frequency plant components have given me an incredibly strong inner "push" that seems to be getting bigger every day. Well, ultimately this is a very special topic that, like raw food or veganism, is becoming more and more popular with more and more people, simply because the high-frequency “awakening process” accompanies us into nature (we are literally drawn into nature - which is why veganism, for example, is not a passing trend - it is much more a consequence of the process and illustrates a more pronounced body/nutrition awareness + new moral attitudes). This theme also illustrates the return to foods that have somehow been forgotten. Ultimately, one can also speak of natural, living and therefore high-frequency foods, which in turn have an incredibly strong healing potential. Well, as the title of this article suggests, I wanted to give a little update on this matter. In this context, it is extremely astonishing to what extent nature changes within a very short period of time.

Weeds are plants whose benefits we haven't yet figured out. – Ralph Waldo Emerson..!!

Over the last few days, the quality of the “nettle beds” has become increasingly poorer, i.e. the plants have taken on a yellow tinge and the underside of the leaves have also taken on a “purple-reddish” hue. Today it was extremely difficult to find healthy nettles. For this reason, next on the agenda is Gunderman and chickweed (and also blackberry leaves), as there were plenty of them in our surrounding forest (only my own ignorance prevented a harvest, because firstly, I couldn't identify the plants 100% - at first In hindsight, thanks to research and secondly, I also didn't know whether there were any interchangeable representatives that one shouldn't eat). Well, ultimately I'll be gaining new experiences with wild herbs tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to eating them afterwards. Last but not least, I would also like to draw attention to something: especially on high-energy days, our organism reacts very well to high-frequency food. Our own energy system is completely flushed out and it can be helpful to support this cleansing process with natural foods. The same applies, of course, to natural sunbathing, spending time in nature and, above all, rest (stress-free circumstances). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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