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Today's daily energy on December 04th, 2017 supports us in coming to terms with past life situations by practicing letting go. In this context, letting go is something very important, especially when it comes to freeing yourself from self-imposed conflicts. Above all, it is only when we let go that we are able to stay more in the presence of the present again and no longer because of ourselves past life situations in mental entanglements.

Letting go of lasting mental conflicts

In this context, letting go is essential for our own mental and emotional well-being, because if we repeatedly mentally deal with past conflicts, for example with a past relationship that we have not yet been able to resolve, then we are constantly experiencing a mental imbalance and relate suffering to a situation that is no longer present at the current level. The past is over, but is still maintained in our own mental world, while the present is avoided. For this reason, dwelling on past mental conflicts, which can sometimes even take place for years, can cause a lot of suffering and throw us completely off track. The longer we remain trapped in unresolved past conflicts, the less we can come to terms with corresponding past situations, the more our own mental life becomes out of balance. We then feel increasingly unwell, are much more likely to get sick (our cells react to our thoughts) and thus miss the chance to actively work on realizing a life that corresponds to our ideas (a harmonious and happy life). Nevertheless, one should always keep in mind that every situation from which we cannot free ourselves, i.e. every conflict that we cannot let go of, denies us a life in which we are completely happy again. Ultimately, letting go can always be viewed as important lessons in life, and in some cases they are even tests that we have been given.

Letting go is mainly about letting go of a person, situation or even a phase of life, accepting your own circumstances unconditionally and seeing the past as just a necessary lesson that was essential for your own maturation process..!!

It is therefore important to pass these tests again by practicing letting go and understanding again that only by letting go do we attract the positive aspects of our soul plan that are also intended for us. Only when we manage to let go again will we be rewarded with the happiness that ultimately awaits us every day. Only when we close the dark chapters of our lives can a new, bright chapter begin. Only when we no longer provide space for our shadows can light allow our entire reality to shine. For this reason, we should take advantage of today's energetic situation and start letting go of the things that are hindering our intention to become happy.

Today's star constellations - Moon changes to the zodiac sign Cancer

On the other hand, today's daily energy is again accompanied by all kinds of star constellations. So at 13:37 p.m. we received a sextile (harmonic aspect) between the Moon and Uranus, which can give us great attention, persuasiveness, ambition, determination, ingenuity and an original spirit. This sextile lasts until 15:37 p.m. and can give us very valuable ideas during this time. At 16:56 p.m. a trine (harmonic aspect) between the Moon and Mars gives us great willpower, courage, energetic action, a spirit of enterprise and a love or a penchant for the truth. Things can only get more conflictive again from 18:45 p.m., because then we reach an opposition (tense aspect) between the Moon and Saturn, which can cause emotional depression and also a certain melancholy in us. Dissatisfaction, closedness, stubbornness and insincerity can then be the result of this tense constellation. From 20:12 we also get an opposition between the Moon and Mercury, which can give us good spiritual gifts, but on the other hand makes us use them incorrectly. Inconsistency, superficiality and hasty actions can then also be the result. Last but not least, at 21:36 p.m. the moon moves into the zodiac sign Cancer, which can promote the development of the pleasant aspects of our lives. The longing for home, peace and security then becomes active within us.

Due to the moon, which in turn changes to the zodiac sign Cancer in the evening, we can then recharge the energy that we have used up throughout the day. The Cancer Moon lets us relax and helps us develop our soul powers..!!

Ultimately, this Cancer Moon also offers us a good opportunity to relax and redevelop our soul powers. On the whole, today's star constellations are therefore of a rather positive nature, at least at the beginning of the day. From 18:45 p.m. things become a little more conflictual, but this could subside again from 21:36 p.m., because the Cancer Moon can definitely let us regenerate again. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellation Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2017/Dezember/4

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