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With today's daily energy on April 04th, 2022, the special or new influences of the lively month of April continue to reach us, i.e. the energies of the second month of spring are flowing into us and would like to lead us into states of blossoming, ascension and growth. Especially after this energetically very exciting start to the month (April began with a very fiery new moon in the zodiac sign Aries - the first sign of the zodiac, standing for new beginnings, departures, turnarounds and determination - the element of fire) we can perceive the pull for change and, above all, for new experiences within us more than ever. Ultimately it is nature outside (our inner true nature, visible/mirrored within the outer perceivable nature), which not only shows us this new cycle, but also calls us to join its new rhythm.

Follow the natural cycles

Follow the natural cyclesNevertheless, a corresponding drive and, above all, an urge for growth should generally prevail within us. It is also acting according to the universal law of rhythm and vibration. Anything that is based on rigidity and stagnation, for example entrenched life patterns, is associated with stress over time. Instead of continually rising above ourselves, we tend to remain stuck in rigid life patterns or old, difficult habits. But I would like to return to all levels of existence with ease, just as nature now seems to change completely with ease and, above all, without doing anything, and thereby transitions into the state of maximum blossoming (Spring Summer). In the current age of awakening, in which we are in the midst of a very large energetic breakthrough, we are being asked to emulate nature more than ever in this regard. At this point we can also allow our own spirit to blossom at any time, i.e. we allow lightness to enter our inner space in which we transcend inner difficult programs and conditions through self-reflection/self-overcoming. After all, as an all-creating source/creator, we are capable of anything. Nothing, truly nothing, cannot be born in one's own mind. We represent the all-pervasive space in which all potentials, possibilities and worlds are embedded, it has always been that way.

Fire energy in April

Fire energy in AprilWell, regardless of the special Aries/Fire New Moon, which in turn introduces the month of April and therefore sets a certain direction in April with its strong energy quality, fire is generally in the foreground. So the sun continues to move through the Aries zodiac sign. And since it is generally very hot in the world and this mainly refers to the very escalating circumstances (Great upheavals are being prepared in the show/on the big stage), the probability of major events occurring is becoming increasingly likely. In astrology, these months, i.e. the end of April and especially the coming summer months, are also assigned a martial energy (some even speak of a consistently warlike mood/frequency). The question is to what extent the energies will be discharged. You all know my answer to this anyway, we should always program the holy for ourselves instead of letting difficult circumstances become reality with our minds by starting to believe in such scenarios or by giving our energy to such events. This is exactly what creates dark circumstances.

Our full potential

As has been mentioned so often, it is always about our inner space, which we should allow to be infiltrated with dark prognoses, views and beliefs. But as creators ourselves, we are so powerful that we ourselves can completely change the weather (and that should only be a small ability of our mind). When we develop our full potential, we are able to avert even the greatest possible catastrophes, simply because the direct creative and transformative power of our mind can then immediately manifest scenarios based on holiness. Let us therefore also work on our own self-realization in these days of fire. It is becoming increasingly important that we develop our full potential. To protect our being and above all to protect the world. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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