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Today's daily energy on April 04th, 2019 is, on the one hand, characterized by the generally special energetic influences (enormous opportunities to develop massively spiritually, - overcome yourself - resolve conflicts) and on the other hand from the moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Aries at 04:56 a.m. and has been giving us new impulses ever since.

Mastering conflicts

The moon in the zodiac sign Aries can strengthen confidence in our own abilities and also bring our own sense of responsibility to the fore, i.e. we pursue important tasks, do not let ourselves be defeated and also increasingly pursue our own self-realization. It is not for nothing that the zodiac sign Aries is associated with strong life energy (bundle of energy). Ultimately, this aspect also goes perfectly with the current basic mood, because after all these years of spiritual awakening, everything currently boils down to mastering our own conflicts, along with the manifestation of a harmonious, successful and satisfied life. Never forget, our potential is limitless and we ourselves have incredible possibilities to shape not only the collective reality, but also our own reality (which is ultimately reflected in collective reality) to design according to our wishes. Everyone has this potential. Everyone has the opportunity to recognize their true self, namely that they themselves IS and created everything (because everything, really everything, – without exception, is based on our ideas, – everything represents our mind, – projections). We ourselves are therefore incredibly powerful and can achieve any goal based on our ideas (So don't let your imagination limit you, you can achieve anything, never let anyone tell you otherwise).

Most people I've observed couldn't make extraordinary progress because they never believed in themselves. They had a blurry vision of what they wanted to be one day, but they doubted they could make it happen. As a result, they didn't try hard enough because they didn't believe they had a chance to realize their goal. And of course they couldn't do it with that attitude. - Arnold Schwarzenegger..!!

And in the current phase everything is coming to a head. The days are becoming more and more intense, time seems to be passing faster and faster (our perception of time changes and inevitably heads towards a point where we overcome it. A permanent and, above all, conscious stay in the present is getting closer and closer - entirely in the spirit of 5D), more and more boundaries can be overcome and we also feel blockages that arise from self-imposed boundaries more and more, which is why it is time to let a completely high-frequency version of your own self become manifest. Redesign your inner world, the conditions for this are currently better than ever. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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