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With today's daily energy on October 03rd, 2023, we are experiencing the third day of the “Month of Order”. October has so far started with great intensity, as the beginning of the month was already influenced by the strong super full moon (29 September) is very strongly influenced, which is why this quality also has a massive influence on the first week of the month. On the other hand, the second month of autumn now completely initiates the cycle change, i.e. we can fully experience the magical change within nature experience. The days have now become significantly shorter and it gets dark noticeably earlier, and the temperatures have continued to drop (At least that's what we experience late in the evening), mushrooms are slowly but surely starting to appear in the forests and the leaves on the trees are starting to take on a golden tinge.

The constellations in October

daily energyWith this cycle change, we are immersed in the special autumn magic, which will now unfold more and more and will lead us deep into our own self-reflection. As already mentioned, October also represents the month of order. Accordingly, many circumstances on our part would like to gain structure and solidity. Fittingly, October is also a Libra month (Only towards the end of the month does the sun move into Scorpio). The sun illuminates the Libra quality and in this regard wants to transport balance, harmony and harmony into our relationship with ourselves and consequently into our relationship with the outside world. Nevertheless, a mystical energy is completely in the foreground. The month ends with another lunar festival, namely Samhain, a short Celtic period that marks the turning point to the cold season. Apart from this, we also receive other special influences and constellations that will help determine the month.

Lilith moves into Virgo

Lilith, a sensitive point in astrology (furthest point of the moon's orbit), which is always connected to the primal feminine power, changes to the zodiac sign Virgo on September 03rd, i.e. today. Lilith generally always goes hand in hand with dealing with her own suppressed shadow issues. Within the Virgo zodiac sign, it can primarily be about suppressed sexuality, sensuality and passion. Issues in this regard, for example that we ourselves are too closed/blocked internally and as a result do not live our primal feminine and also primal masculine energy, can be very present. On the other hand, we could also be faced with repetitive daily circumstances, which in turn are very unfulfilling for ourselves. Instead of us completely surrendering ourselves to life and receiving and following new gifts or even paths, entirely in line with the female principle (to conceive – to give birth to a new thing), we remain in a scene of rigidity.

Mercury moves into the zodiac sign Libra

Mercury in LibraExactly two days later, i.e. on October 05th, Mercury switches to the zodiac sign Libra. Within the balancing and especially heart energy (heart chakra) based zodiac sign Libra, the main thing is that we bring diplomacy and harmony into all interpersonal communicative circumstances. Instead of arguing or even having heated discussions, the focus here is much more on harmony. Ultimately, this constellation also promotes conciliatory conversations and positive discussions. Understanding and empathy could be shown to the other person more easily than usual.

Venus moves to Virgo

On October 09th, direct Venus moves from the zodiac sign Leo to the zodiac sign Virgo. The planet of love, pleasure, art and joy gives us a completely different quality of energy in the Virgo zodiac sign. This phase will be about bringing a healthy structure into our romantic relationships and, in general, into countless interpersonal relationships. At its core, order and structure need to be created so that a healthy foundation can be created or even maintained. After all, the Virgo zodiac sign is always about grounding. Our relationships, especially the relationship with ourselves, need to be deeply grounded and rooted.

Pluto goes direct

Exactly two days later, on October 11th, Pluto will turn direct in the zodiac sign Capricorn. This constellation will initiate or strengthen important letting go processes. In this regard, Pluto always goes hand in hand with death and birth processes. The old is dissolved and the new is created. The change or transformation of living conditions is completely in the foreground. In its direct nature, corresponding processes will accelerate and, due to the Capricorn zodiac sign, will be able to consolidate or, better yet, even assert themselves. Everything that no longer exists for us can leave us. New things want to manifest themselves completely.

Mars moves into Scorpio

A day later, direct Mars moves from Libra to the zodiac sign Scorpio. This combination can set deep processes of change in motion. After all, Scorpio also embodies the energy of its ruling planets Mars and Pluto, i.e. it stands for profound death, birth and becoming processes. Within the assertive, fiery and warlike planet Mars, we are attuned to follow our own path with enthusiasm and strength, regardless of whether we have to leave our comfort zone or not. If there are circumstances in our lives that are very overwhelming or even stressful, then this constellation can ensure that we lead these circumstances to resolution. The warrior in us is activated and we can initiate new processes much more easily than usual.

New moon in the zodiac sign Libra & solar eclipse

New moon in the zodiac sign Libra & solar eclipseOn October 14th, a special new moon will reach us in the zodiac sign Libra, which will also be opposite the Libra Sun. For this reason, this new moon will place a strong emphasis on our relationship with ourselves, as the Libra star sign wants us to bring balance to our connections and relationships. And since all external relationships ultimately always reflect the relationship with ourselves, the relationship with ourselves is strongly addressed during this new moon phase and needs to be brought into balance. On the other hand, this new moon is also accompanied by an annular solar eclipse. In this context, this eclipse will come with a fateful quality of energy. Ultimately, during a solar eclipse, a concentrated force of high-energy energy reaches us, which wants to have an incredibly transformative influence on our lives, on our personal levels and also on the collective. Solar eclipses are generally associated with a highly transformative effect. It is an ancient energy quality that not only wants to release our innermost potential, but also activates hidden potential within our own field and, above all, makes it visible. Be it the deepest conflicts on our part, for example primal conflicts, which in turn are closely linked to our primal psychological wounds, serious occupations or even deep longings and wishes that we have suppressed for a long time, a solar eclipse illuminates our entire mind, body and soul system.

Mercury moves into Scorpio

On October 22nd you switch to the zodiac sign Scorpio. In contrast to the previously mentioned Mercury/Libra constellation, in Scorpio deep truths want to be recognized or even explored. Deep conversations that serve to recognize old things or discuss them in depth so that new paths can be born, this quality will be present across the board during this constellation. On the other hand, the Mercury/Scorpio connection favors a tendency to dramatize, which is why it will be very important during this time not to get too emotionally lost in corresponding patterns and topics.

Sun moves into Scorpio

Exactly one day later, the sun changes to the zodiac sign Scorpio and thus completes its monthly energetic change. A phase then begins that is accompanied by a flushing and, above all, bringing to light energy quality becomes. In this context, hardly any other zodiac sign is as involved in revealing secrets as is the case with Scorpio (everything wants to be carried outside). The water sign carries a very strong/impulsive energy and can essentially transport many hidden structures, patterns and conflicts from the depths of our being into our daily consciousness. During the Scorpio phase, our deep shadows and our hidden and subconscious parts are also in the foreground. The sun itself, which in turn represents our essence or our true nature within astrology, illuminates the depths of our being in the Scorpio cycle and allows some repressed or even subconscious processes to wash into our daily consciousness. We are confronted with many ancient structures and can therefore be drawn into the call to finally overcome or let go of old obstacles. It is therefore often a time of deep truth that dawns.

Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in TaurusLast but not least, on October 28th there will be a full moon in the zodiac sign Taurus, opposite which the Scorpio Sun will be. In general, circumstances and aspects want to become visible during a full moon. The full moon illuminates our own energy field and can therefore lead circumstances to perfection. Within Taurus, the main focus is on grounding. The aim is to consolidate aspects that may have previously been very vague or even uncertain. In particular, it is about circumstances that, for example, only lead us completely into the flow of life when they are consolidated or rooted. At this point the bull always goes hand in hand with the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra itself, which not only stands for sexuality and intimacy, but mainly for the creative flow, for vitality and life energy, would like us to reactivate its field at this point. At this point, we may therefore be faced with circumstances that, for example, keep our own flow of life energy blocked. A fulfilled circumstance wants to become manifest.


At the end of the day, October has countless consciousness-changing and, above all, reorienting energetic influences in store for us, allowing us to delve even deeper into the magic of autumn. And ultimately, that's exactly what autumn is all about, i.e. a profound redesign process. Nature undergoes a deep transformation and changes its appearance drastically. The leaves turn golden, some of them fall off the trees, the temperatures get cooler, it gets darker earlier and generally fauna and flora retreat. We can therefore look forward to this mystical and transcendent month. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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