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With today's daily energy on November 03rd, 2023, not only are the influences of the third and final month of autumn now beginning to reach us, but the moon is also in its waning phase in the zodiac sign Cancer. This allows us to be a little more emotional. On the other hand, the water sign wants to make everything flow and us, especially in relation to our own emotional life, allowing us to sense fullness and harmony. And since the Moon generally appeals to our emotional, feminine and hidden sides, or to be more precise, is even the ruling planet of Cancer, this combination is always extremely synergistic.

The portal and Schwend days this month

daily energyOn the other hand, the retrograde moon phase means that it is currently particularly easier to minimize stressful circumstances or even let them go. The principle of the waning moon can also be directly applied to our own lives. During a declining phase, medicinal plants and trees, for example, also have less cell water. Everything is geared towards acceptance. This means that even in such a phase we can excrete energies or foreign energies, poisons and other toxic substances much more easily. A detoxification treatment or even a diet is therefore particularly suitable during a weight loss phase, because all processes that have to do with weight loss are favored. The whole thing will therefore take place until the coming new moon on November 13th, the day that will represent the corresponding climax.

The portal days

The coming new moon influences will also be reinforced by portal days that will reach us by then. In general, we even have 3 portal days this month: On the 09th | 11. | and on November 28th. Portal days represent days on which all influences are intensified. They are, in the truest sense of the word, portals that we pass through to reach new levels of consciousness. Seen in this way, portal days also bring about a change in our lives, at least this can be achieved, because a newly aligned consciousness always allows us to experience a new reality.

The Schwendtage

Regarding the Schwendtage, which are the same as every year, this year we only have one Schwendtag and it takes place on November 12th. swing days (“rejected” – “waning” days) are similar to a retrograde Mercury in this regard, i.e. everything should be geared towards withdrawal, calm and introspection. Opposite processes are in turn hindered and one should not rush into new things too much, but rather let the circumstances rest. Regardless, Mercury will go retrograde again in December for a few weeks, which will bring us strong energy again that is ideal for the retreat. Until then, we can still experience the special energies of November, especially now even the influences of the waning moon. Well, finally, I would like to refer again to the primal frequency mat. On my Telegram channel you can see a new video in which we measured the values ​​of a common room with a very high-quality negative ion measuring device and the values ​​of a room that only had the primal frequency mat in it and the values ​​were impressive. Just like in a forest, strong negative values ​​were measured, which allowed us to prove once again that the mere presence of the mat (due to the quartz mixtures, tourmalines and other fields) has raised the concentration of negative ions back to the level of a natural place of power. So feel free to stop by. In general, the mat is currently reduced by €200 and with the code: “ENERGY150“ you get an additional €150 discount. A good opportunity to secure the mat. Click here for the mat: View primal frequency mat. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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