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Today's daily energy on November 03rd, 2017 stands for the development of our own true being, stands for our own self-realization and the associated creation of a completely free state of consciousness. In this context, self-actualization is also something that most people, consciously or unconsciously, strive for. So we simply feel the urge to realize our heart's desires, want to create the best/a better version of ourselves again, want to fully exploit our potential and, above all, ourselves or what we are deep inside, ours be true, actualize.

Creating a better version of ourselves

Creating a better version of ourselvesSo at the end of the day it is infinitely inspiring when we humans manage to realize our own goals, longings and wishes again. The full unfolding of one's own being, if you will. However, we often stand in the way of our own self-realization and block ourselves with our own self-imposed burdens. For example, we let ourselves be dominated by our own mental blockages, are subject to various dependencies/addictions, suffer from early childhood trauma (or trauma caused later in life) and subsequently lead a life in which our self-realization is thwarted by fears, compulsions, depression and other negative habits/behaviour is blocked again and again. For this reason we should use today's energetic circumstance again to realize ourselves a little more. The initiation of small to large changes, the modification of one's own sustainable life pattern + behavior would be a start for this. Otherwise, today's daily energy is again accompanied by some exciting star constellations. In this way, Venus, in a positive connection with Saturn, guarantees us that we are on the right path with regard to our love. The inspiring connection between the Sun and Neptune also has a matching effect, which makes us much more sensitive and tender in our sensations. In exactly the same way, this connection also stimulates a love of art and, in general, of everything beautiful.

Use today's daily energetic circumstance and start again to realize yourself more. Ultimately, you are also actively joining the current quantum leap into awakening and starting to exert a stronger influence on the collective state of consciousness again..!!

With the sextile (sextile = 2 celestial bodies that occupy an angle of 60 degrees to each other in the sky||sextile = harmonious nature) of Venus in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius, our feelings are loyal and sincere, which also leads to this we are more thorough, controlled, persistent, focused and decent. In the morning, around 11 a.m., the moon changes again to the zodiac sign Taurus and helps us to preserve and increase money and possessions, which could ultimately also express itself in an individual way. On the other hand, the Taurus Moon also ensures that we humans are once again focused on our home and our family and would/could like to indulge in countless pleasures or that these are in the foreground. For this reason, this day/phase is also very suitable for a complete relaxation through comfort and coziness. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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