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Today's daily energy on May 03rd, 2020 is mainly shaped by the beginning of May and therefore gives us an extremely strong and extremely transformative energy mixture that flushes through all of our cells and creates one brings incredible impact. In this context, the first day of May was extremely intense; I haven't experienced such a stressful and stormy day for a long time.

Heavy start to the month

Intense energiesIt felt like a mental and emotional roller coaster ride and all the unredeemed parts, shadows and other structures deeply anchored in the subconscious emerged again, which clearly asked me to bring my inner world into harmony. In this regard, this experience also coincided strongly with the influences of May and, on the other hand, with the current overarching flood of light, or rather with the current huge upheaval in the world - which, as is well known, is accompanied by a massive increase in energy.

Resonance frequency influences

In keeping with the current extremely transformative circumstances, extremely strong planetary resonance frequency anomalies have reached us in the past few days! The intensity will certainly not level off..!!

On the one hand, the month of May has always been extremely influential in recent years and brought with it an unexpectedly strong transformation (In May, countless structures always changed - transferring the energy of spring to ourselves) and on the other hand, the world is currently completely out of control, we have never experienced such a strong division among the people, the gap between awake and sleeping people has never been so great! The energy flowing into us is enormous, it's hard to put into words what's happening in the background, it's just unbelievable!

The weather and the current intensity 

Well, and then there is the extremely changeable weather. The weather has been escalating dramatically for a few days now. On the one hand it is extremely windy and rainy and the next moment it is sunny and mild again (and such changes seem to happen several times a day). Such extreme weather circumstances always reflect the current transformation and purification process within the collective spirit, as we have already experienced countless times. The coming period will definitely follow this circumstance and we will experience strong changes and upheavals within May. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂
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