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With today's daily energy on March 03rd, 2022, the influences of another portal day reach us, to be precise it is the first portal day of this month (more will reach us on the following days: On the 8th | 11. | 16. | 22. | 29. | 30.). Immediately after yesterday's special new moon in the zodiac sign Pisces, the energies of a magical portal continue, a portal that is further preparation for the represents the true start of the year on March 20, 2022. So we are now moving more and more towards this energetic point and can increasingly experience the continued dissolution of inner stressful parts. Everything that is still based on heaviness is currently being completely removed from our systems, as already mentioned in the last daily energy articles.

Portal Day Energies

Portal Day EnergiesWith the coming transition into spring, there will be plenty of space for lightness and inner balance. More than ever, it is important that we learn to overcome mental chaos within this process (Losing yourself in disharmonious thought patterns for hours every day instead of enjoying the present moment or the now) to let go so that we become able to focus on the present life and act accordingly instead of repeatedly overloading our inner space with heaviness. And currently we are all being tested more than ever when it comes to this. On the one hand, due to the highly transformative energy quality, old/blocking connections, inner conflicts and shadows dissolve, which can be a very strenuous process, but on the other hand, external attempts are repeatedly made to draw our attention to appearance, density and heaviness. The Ukraine conflict makes this fact clear to us once again. Regardless of what is actually happening there or even regardless of the fact that even the truthful circumstance there, i.e. the circumstance far removed from what is propagated to us in the mass media, is only part of a big show (whether East or West, everything is part of a large world stage), all of this only serves to make us look away from ourselves or from what is important. And the essence is the creation of a reality that is in turn based on harmony, love, wisdom, divinity and holiness.

Protect your sacred space

Protect your sacred spaceIf we repeatedly direct our own focus on “world leaders”, conflicts and wars, then we are energetically promoting the same structures and that is exactly what is wanted. It is 1:1 as I described it in my article regarding the War for our energies explained. Conflicts on the world stage are presented to us primarily so that we can infiltrate our inner sacred space and direct our precious energy towards the system, which promotes its maintenance, for our energy always gives rise to realities. It is therefore more important than ever that we keep our own minds pure, i.e. that we do not allow our own minds to be constantly poisoned by dark information and consequently by states of hatred, resentment, sadness and anger. The new year will begin in a few weeks and until then we should practice more than ever to keep our own minds free. A liberated world will only return when we liberate ourselves. But as long as we keep focusing on major conflicts and, as a result, fall into dark emotions, we deny ourselves the manifestation of a liberated inner state. Let us therefore use today's portal day and enter another deep level of our being. Peace is truly just a stone's throw away. We can enter a corresponding state of consciousness, or rather a corresponding world based on peace, at any time. Your mind chooses which dimension it wants to enter. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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