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Today's daily energy on March 03rd, 2020 is mainly characterized by the beginning of March energies and therefore also lets us feel the beginning of the change towards spring. The temperatures are slowly but surely rising and nature is improving adapt accordingly to the new cycle (even if the weather will still be crazy). In this regard, you can also slowly see this change in nature, i.e. as already mentioned in one of my last daily energy articles, nature is slowly beginning to bloom - changes in the flora feel minimal, but still clear.

Beginning changes

Beginning changesAt the same time, things will continue to be stormy. Of course, many things are currently clearing up and some aspects of us will come into harmony, that much is certain, but we will still experience a worsening of many energetic circumstances, it is unavoidable. The transformation is in full swing and the cleansing process is becoming ever greater. The best example of this is the Corona virus issue. First of all, it should be said that you should not be afraid of this viral infection. Apart from the fact that a common flu-like infection can be much more stressful and those who have died so far all suffered from previous illnesses and were therefore weakened and apart from the fact that we protect ourselves through a strong mindset (Awareness of one's own creative power/being) and a natural/plant-based diet, in combination with some effective supplements (1 gram of natural vitamin C per day – e.g. obtained from camu camu or acerola - no synthetically produced vitamin C - OPC, MSM & D3), can completely protect against corresponding diseases, pure chaos prevails in the collective consciousness.

From the shadows into the light

The collective consciousness is currently focused on fear and is therefore experiencing a great shadow - the fear of illness and death (Incidentally, an original pattern). There is therefore a great darkness that is currently pervading humanity and, as a result, is swirling through countless structures. Ultimately, this circumstance represents a major purification process, because experiencing dark patterns in particular leads us into the light. The collective will be weakened, but will emerge from these shadows stronger. After all, the fear of the virus is also leading to humanity becoming more independent and informing itself about self-healing and alternative remedies. The virus, which is exaggerated in the media, and the shadow that comes with it embodies a gigantic cleansing process, because ultimately it is the greatest shadow that emerges collectively and affects all people. The stormy weather outside also fits perfectly with the heated mood within the collective spirit.

Cleansing energy

Well, today's daily energy will therefore be all about this cleansing and will lead us even deeper into our own self-healing. The transformation is coming to a head and countless old structures are breaking down. The new wants to be fully received. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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