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With today's daily energy on July 03, 2023, the influences of a full moon in the zodiac sign Capricorn (which becomes manifest at 13:39 p.m), which in turn is opposed to the sun in the zodiac sign Cancer. For this reason, a special energy mixture reaches us, which on the one hand appeals very strongly to our root and forehead chakra, but otherwise also presents us with great challenges can confront, which have to be mastered or which can even give us a corresponding direction (ruling planet Saturn). Because of the Sun/Cancer energy, we could be sensitive to circumstances and also bring to light many things through which we have not been able to bring stability and grounding into our lives.

Full Moon in Capricorn

VollmondBut the full moon/Capricorn energy in particular will have a massive impact on this day. Capricorn itself, which in turn carries the element earth, always encourages us in this context to create structures in which we feel safe and absolutely stable. In general, security is also a very important topic within Capricorn energy, which is why its influences are of a very grounding nature. The Capricorn full moon challenges us to revive a circumstance in which we feel secure and, above all, cared for. In essence, it is all about the manifestation of a state of consciousness in which we are in our inner stability and thereby let a strong rooting revive, i.e. a rooting of our most original state of being. And our absolute original state is based on rest, balance, self-love and harmony. In this regard, the awakening process is also about the manifestation of a state in which we are free from suffering, disharmony and imbalance, i.e. the state through which we can bring the world back into balance.

Our healing in the foreground

VollmondToday's full moon in the sign of Capricorn, which in turn reaches us at a time when our healing processes are more important than ever before, will bring many new insights, impulses and corresponding energies with it. Instead of repressing our wounds or looking the other way, it becomes important that we look at our inner conflicts and then start to let go of mental baggage. For this reason, today's climax of the sun/moon cycle will certainly be of use to our inner development and may reveal new possibilities to us. Well then, in conclusion I would like to refer again to my latest video, which was published a few days ago and deals with the current large Saturn/Pisces master test constellation. With that in mind, have fun watching. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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