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Today's daily energy on July 03, 2019 is primarily shaped by the lingering effects of yesterday's total solar eclipse, a day that in turn was accompanied by incredible energy. In this context The solar eclipse, at the beginning of the seventh month in what felt like the most influential and energetically strongest year of all, represented a very special new birth.

The lingering effects of yesterday's total solar eclipse

An extraordinary transformation was initiated, a powerful portal opened and an incredible shift took place. We were also able to feel a very strong receptivity within ourselves that day. This receptivity particularly related to the reception of strong cosmic impulses and strong frequencies, one could also speak of energies that in turn resonated with our origin. Ultimately, we can continue to feel our own origins more strongly in this regard and penetrate even deeper into the supposedly most impermeable structures of our being. Yesterday's total solar eclipse, accompanied by the Moon in the zodiac sign Cancer, was able to greatly favor this and reveal completely new possibilities to us. They were just powerful energies that were all about the new, all about a new birth, a strong transformation. And apart from our own shadow parts that could be reflected back to us (At the beginning, the umbra of the moon – the sun/the light is obscured – then the light coming through), completely contrary experiences were also possible.

Stay completely in the present moment and you will see that the future is also there. Just like the past, which you can transform. Because all moments are contained in the present moment. – Thich Nhat Hanh..!!

I was also very tired in the first half of the day. Basically, it all started the previous night when I fell asleep while working on the daily energy article and didn't finish everything until the following day, something that has never happened to me before. The fact that extremely strong energies prevailed was already very noticeable the night before. The next day, i.e. yesterday, the day of the solar eclipse, I continued to experience similar conditions, at least (As already mentioned), in the first half of the day. Somehow this tiredness was also accompanied by a strong meditative and receptive state. Also strong feelings of love (Self love) flooded through me. Well, ultimately it was a day when the prevailing magic was extremely noticeable. Purely from an energetic perspective, it was an extremely important day, on which highly significant 5D programs were also installed. This circumstance will continue today, because the days before and after a corresponding event are always characterized by the pre-effects/after-effects of the energies. It therefore remains exciting, especially since yesterday evening we received very strong energies regarding the planetary resonance frequency (see below picture). Planetary resonance frequencyWe can therefore be curious to see how things will continue with the resonance frequency and the prevailing energy circumstances. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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