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Today's daily energy on January 03rd, 2020 continues to be shaped by the influences of the beginning of the golden decade and therefore still allows us to take great responsibility for ourselves, i.e. our self-realization comes first and the prevailing energy wants us more than ever unfold our own divinity, which makes us capable of bringing divinity to the planet. As in the past As mentioned in the daily energy articles, the kingdom of God is within us. Only when we revive the kingdom within ourselves can we, as creators ourselves, transfer this fact to our external world.

The portal day calendar for this year

The portal day calendar for this yearIn this context, everything is also present within ourselves. After all, the external world, i.e. everything that exists, is only in our own mind and represents ideas that we have about existence. Whether abundance, wealth, lack, poverty, health, illness, love and fear, planets, universes, landscapes, humanity or even each individual person, there is nothing that exists outside of our mind, because our mind is everything, encompasses everything, contains everything and represents the instance of all things. All experiential states, circumstances and feelings are therefore present within us and we ourselves decide, every day, which states we will bring to life and what we will subsequently attract into our lives. As the creator himself, who in turn is connected to all of existence, we represent an incredibly strong magnet that attracts into his life what he in turn resonates with. Our image of ourselves is therefore crucial for the further course of our lives, because the image of ourselves - our self-image, is our reality that has become manifest. If the image of ourselves is of a more disharmonious/small nature, then we will also experience correspondingly disharmonious events. Conversely, a harmonious/high image of ourselves attracts high-frequency circumstances. This is why the current phase is so special, because the strong golden decade energy is accompanied by an incredibly strong spiritual awakening. In doing so, humanity finds its way back to its own divinity (this time on a gigantic scale, our realization is now preparing on a grand scale - complete awakening in this decade) and begins to realize her true self.

We always attract something into our lives that corresponds to the image we have of the world and therefore of ourselves. This is why a divine self-image is so incredibly strong, because when we recognize that we ourselves are divine, when we recognize and, above all, feel that we ourselves are God, the creator of all things, because the entire existence is based only on our mind, represents ONLY our idea of ​​existence, then we attract circumstances that correspond to a God. Wealth, wisdom, self-love, abundance, freedom and extraordinary abilities then become manifest, i.e. the maximum, because that is exactly what corresponds to a deity in our imagination. Therefore, let the highest image of yourself come to life and you will experience the highest things outside. Maximum fullness. It is then inevitable..!!

In doing so, a new earth is created together and we not only recognize ourselves as the one divine being that we have always been, but we also transport this new divine reality directly to earth. Today's daily energy will once again strongly demand that we go into our self-realization and pull out all the stops to bring our divinity to earth. As I said, only when we change ourselves does the world change. Only when we recognize ourselves as divine can the external world become divine. Therefore, use the current golden energies and create an image of yourself in which you are divine. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life of harmony. 🙂


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