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Today's daily energy on February 03rd, 2019 is mainly shaped by the moon, which in turn changes to the zodiac sign Aquarius at 14:05 p.m. and from then on gives us influences through which we have a tendency for freedom, independence, We could feel increased self-determination and freedom within us. The relevant aspects also generally go hand in hand with the current zeitgeist.

Freedom, space & independence

Freedom, space & independenceIn this context, the current spiritual change can also be viewed from a wide variety of perspectives, even if it is mainly about our becoming whole and also about our inner healing process, which has been taking place for countless incarnations. Freedom is also an aspect that, like self-determined action, self-sufficiency, wisdom, abundance, harmony and, above all, love, is part of a correspondingly high (5-dimensional) state of consciousness, gains more and more importance (increasingly, within the spiritual awakening, gains importance - crystallizes in our innermost being). Freedom in general is something that is incredibly important for our own prosperity. This is also accompanied by the experience of a completely contrary situation, i.e. when we experience a circumstance over a longer period of time in which we experience a massive restriction of freedom (due to self-imposed limits - you block yourself, unable to break out of a limiting situation/mind). Corresponding experiences in this regard, no matter how critical and precarious they may be, always serve our inner growth. They are incarnation tasks that, when experienced, overcome and subsequently recognized as important lessons, contribute massively to our process of becoming whole. Corresponding tasks/circumstances are therefore never given to us for no reason (Apart from the fact that everything is based on our decisions, we are primarily responsible for our lives and everything also arises from our spirit) and are extremely important to our own inner learning process. Ultimately, this refers to all shadow-heavy or polaritarian experiences, no matter how serious they may be or how difficult it may be for us (due to very critical living conditions) to accept this.

The deeper we see through suffering, the closer we come to the goal of freedom from suffering. – Dalai Lama..!!

daily energyWell, the moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius stands for freedom, freedom and independence, which means that we can expand our own spiritual state in this direction (resonate), especially when we resonate with these influences. Fittingly, it should also be said that we experienced some (slight) geomagnetic field disturbances yesterday (see picture below). It remains to be seen whether these will become stronger, but it would be possible in the near future, especially within the 10-day portal day series (from February 08th to 17th). With this in mind, friends, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

Joy of the day on February 03rd, 2019 – Stop fighting, everything has a reason!
joy of life

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