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With today's daily energy on September 02nd, 2023, we continue to experience the lingering influences of the Pisces Supermoon on the one hand and, on the other hand, the newly begun influences of the first month of autumn. In this context, September also takes us deep into this annual cycle change. In particular, this change will take place completely on September 23rd, because with the autumnal equinox (equinox – mabon) the autumn is completely initiated and also activated in nature. Ultimately, however, we can already feel the special magic of the slowly approaching autumn. The cooler atmosphere, along with the slightly more autumnal play of colors, lets us clearly feel this energy.

The constellations in autumn

daily energyOn the other hand, September, that is the month of transitions, has some special constellations in store for us again, which will bring with them some energetic changes, lighting and, if necessary, tasks. Basically, of course, it should be said that the month generally begins with a very strong energy quality, as September was introduced directly with the lingering energies of the super moon, which is why this special influence marks the beginning of the month.

Venus becomes direct

However, the first real constellation or change will reach us on September 04th, because on this day Venus in the zodiac sign Leo will be direct again, at least that is the point at which directness slowly takes on trains again. Due to the directness we can again feel a lightness in relation to partnership topics. After all, Venus stands for pleasure, joy, art and partnership issues. During its declining phase, we were therefore confronted with many topics in which there were problems or even profound blockages in this regard, which had to be looked at in this phase. From this point of view, we were automatically given the opportunity to solve corresponding problems on our part. In directness we can therefore integrate what we have learned and perceive harmony and lightness in our connections. On the other hand, because of the Leo energy, our heart energy is strongly addressed. So the lion always goes hand in hand with the activation of our heart chakra and wants us to revive our empathic parts.

Jupiter goes retrograde

Jupiter goes retrogradeOn the very same day, however, Jupiter in Taurus turns retrograde. In this context, Jupiter itself always stands for expansion, for expansion and also for financial luck. In this phase we will therefore be confronted with circumstances that prevent us from expanding and growing internally, for example. Due to the Taurus zodiac sign, we could be confronted with harmful habits at this point, which relate to addictions or general circumstances that keep us tied to our own four walls in a disharmonious sense. Ultimately, this phase will therefore completely serve to clear up stressful patterns, so that we can keep more growth or abundance manifested internally, which will only then enable us to attract abundance to the outside, according to the Jupiter principle (as within, so without).

New moon in Virgo

Then, on September 15th, we have a special New Moon in Virgo, which is opposed to the Sun, also in Virgo. This will give us a concentrated combination of cleansing and structure. In general, the Virgo zodiac sign is always accompanied by the urge for order, reorganization, structure and health awareness. Within a new moon phase we are again asked to revive something new. Due to the new moon and the very present Virgo energy, this new moon will reveal completely new possibilities through which we can establish a healthy life structure. And since this is the last new moon before the autumnal equinox, there may also be a review through which we can look to see how far we have already established a healthy living structure to consequently fully immerse in the stillness of autumn (and then winter) to dive in.

Mercury turns direct again

Mercury turns direct againOn exactly the same day, Mercury in the zodiac sign Virgo becomes direct. This is a good time to sign new contracts, make big decisions, implement projects and break new ground. After all, such undertakings in a declining phase harbor the risk of bringing about chaos. In the direct phase, however, the exact opposite takes place and corresponding activities are greatly favored. Due to the Virgo zodiac sign, this also offers the perfect opportunity to establish a new life structure. This could start, for example, with a cure. A good time, for example, to try out a new remedy or to integrate it into your own life.

The autumnal equinox

On September 23rd, a very important day arrives, because with the autumnal equinox (mabon) reaches us one of the four annual sun festivals, which always bring with them a highly magical energy quality and generally, along with the four moon festivals, represent the energetically most valuable days of the year. The autumnal equinox itself, which is also always introduced with the change of the sun into the zodiac sign Libra, initiates the full activation of autumn. From this day on, we will suddenly experience a beginning change in fauna and flora. The temperatures will usually be significantly cooler and the magical autumn atmosphere will be completely absorbed. On the other hand, the autumnal equinox represents a great celebration of balance. Day and night are of the same length (each 12 hours), i.e. the period when it is light and the period when it is dark are of themselves duration, a circumstance that is purely symbolic for a deep balance between light and darkness or a balancing of opposing forces. All parts want to go into synchronicity or balance.

Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in AriesLast but not least, on September 29th, a fiery and correspondingly energetically strong full moon in the zodiac sign Aries will reach us, which is opposed to the sun in the zodiac sign Libra. Aries itself, which is ultimately attributed to the root chakra, can activate our inner fire in this explosive combination, causing us to feel the urge to brighten up our lives again, allowing us to experience more grounding at the end of the day. After all, if we work full of passion or with full vigor on the implementation of a more stable basis of life, then we automatically get more security and consequently rootedness in our lives. Thanks to the Sun/Libra, we could be very mindful of harmony and bring the appropriate proportions into balance. At the end of the day, this mix of energies will then also close September and form a basic basis for the second autumn month of October. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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