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With today's daily energy on September 02nd, 2022, the energies of the second portal day reach us. So we continue to pass through the great gate of change and experience the first 10 days of a month, which is generally accompanied by changes and transitions and can therefore experience special days of inner change. The first 10 days of September demand We focus on creating new structures and circumstances from which our entire being benefits, i.e. structures that are very helpful to our own well-being and our energy system.

Cleansing our internal system

Cleansing our internal systemUntil the end of the month, we will continue to be supported by the sun in the zodiac sign Virgo, which generally favors corresponding projects and wants to ensure clarity, order and natural/healthy life structures. For example, I myself have (completely intuitive) started a few days ago with the start of a liver cleanse, which will now be completely completed tomorrow (A clean diet combined with fasting and on the final day, enemas, Epsom salts and a grapefruit/olive oil mixture relieve the strain on the liver and gallbladder - which feels extremely liberating afterwards). Ideally, such a cleansing should of course be carried out during a waning moon phase, but my feeling simply led me to do this cleansing now. The Virgo Sun, along with the portal days and especially the general September energies, simply favors corresponding cleansing processes and can trigger in us the desire for such structural changes and cleansing. In keeping with global events, which are being consciously/artificially exaggerated and, above all, result in great chaos, it is therefore more important than ever that we revive order, healing and balance within ourselves. On the one hand, to be able to deal with major changes much more easily and, on the other hand, to change one's own inner orientation, because peace in the world will only come when we revive peace within ourselves, through which we not only manifest an energetic field permeated by peace , but also allow a state of peace/balance to flow into the collective.

Coming crescent

Coming crescentWell then, in a few days or tomorrow (03 September) the moon then reaches its crescent shape, which means that it will then immediately move towards its complete state (on September 10th). During the great ten-day portal crossing, we also reach strong energies of harmony or balance before we move towards the energies of completion. Ultimately, we can continue to use this large portal day phase to manifest balance and healing within our lives. These are days in which we can revive an incredible inner realignment and we should definitely embrace this quality. Let us therefore also welcome the second portal day and continue to work towards the realization of our highest self. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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