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Today's daily energy on September 02nd, 2019 is mainly characterized by strong energetic inflows and is therefore still characterized by a highly transformative circumstance. In this context, the Strong influences from yesterday continued, i.e. strong solar winds continue to reach us. The planetary resonance frequency also continues to exhibit particular anomalies.

Still an energetically strong start to the month

The beginning of September is therefore extremely violent and shows us that we are not only in the midst of an incredible upheaval (The collective spiritual expansion + frequency increase is currently changing everything), but that we also have an extremely transformative, energetic and consciousness-changing month ahead of us. We also achieved this this year (2019) Continuous increases from month to month and sometimes you couldn't believe that it could get even more intense, mystical and life-changing, but new highlights kept appearing. For this reason, it is absolutely certain that we will experience huge changes and mystical moments again this month. It all boils down to this, although in the end it is unavoidable anyway, simply because every day more people are awakening and experiencing an increase in frequency (spiritual expansion - becoming aware of one's own source/creative powers/system etc.) and that in turn leads to a permanent increase - it can therefore only become more transformative.Planetary resonance frequencyWell, ultimately today will also be of a very intense nature and will give us very special impulses. We are in the midst of a tremendous spiritual transformation and can rise above ourselves. The circumstance is very special. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support 🙂 

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