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Today's daily energy on October 02nd, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the ongoing change in energies and on the other hand by the moon, which in turn changes to the zodiac sign Sagittarius at 13:52 p.m. and from then on gives us energetic energy Influences through which we can be much more spirited, more open-hearted, more freedom-oriented and, above all, more proactive.

The dimensional shift takes place

The dimensional shift takes placeIn this context, this change fits perfectly, especially since in the past month and especially in the past few days (particularly noticeable in the last two days - end of the month & beginning of the new month) a very profound change or dimensional leap has been made, i.e. due to the now frequently mentioned and can hardly be overlooked (rising) Number of people who have in turn increased their own frequency and thereby consciously find themselves in the overarching awakening process (Transition into a golden age – creator consciousness), a huge amount of progress has been made and we are now in a completely new quality of time. So many 5D structures were installed/manifested in the background that the resulting acceleration has now led us to a special turning point. We have therefore now entered a very important phase. Countless preparations - capable and conscious creators (now!) who now apply their knowledge, move into self-responsibility, fully realize themselves and let a new planetary circumstance become manifest together, have been completed. Fittingly, the last two days felt exactly like that. For example, on yesterday of all days, someone else's words reached me that this day had brought about a turning point (This was also accompanied by an unexpected turnaround in favor of further progress on our part - in relation to a life circumstance).

An extremely important and, above all, significant change took place not only in September, but also/particularly in the last two days. An important transition that has now brought us to the end of this decade. These are the last months in which we will resolve our last remaining fears/programs in order to be able to ignite the greatest/final power within ourselves..!!

Well, ultimately we are now in a spiritual high phase and we are experiencing the final three months of this decade, which in turn will lead into the most important decade of all. In the next three months we will therefore automatically return to our primal frequency (completely) and discover how we will gradually free ourselves from all destructive, stressful and limiting states of deficiency. The last old remaining programs on our part will be dissolved in order to be able to finally carry out the change on our planet in the new decade (active/final action). Until it is ready (well, the time “” or Our maintained sense of time will pass extremely quickly by then - everything is accelerated, everything becomes manifest faster - 2020 will reach us at top speed) but we devote ourselves to today and enjoy the incredible change energies. A fresh wind is blowing through our systems and our self-realization is taking on new features. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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