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Today's daily energy on November 02nd, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the waxing moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Capricorn at 03:41 a.m. yesterday morning (Sense of duty, efficiency, seriousness, ambition and emotional calm/withdrawal) and on the other hand from the influences of the eighth portal day. For this reason, we continue to experience the influences of an extremely significant phase and continue to experience transformative moods of the highest order.

Change is taking place

Energetic influencesAfter all, the current magic is unsurpassed - in itself even stronger than ever before, which is not surprising, because apart from the portal day phase, the collective frequency is simply increasing day by day - that planetary awakening has therefore not only become inevitable, but is currently taking on the greatest traits of all (and these increases or collective expansion will continue until the end of the year - then it will continue explosively for humanity or rather for the collective consciousness - New Dimension/Plane of Existence - Golden Time). And the special thing about this is that we are experiencing the associated bundling very strongly, because we are in the last two months of this decade (a decade that stood for networking, spiritual recollection - a quantum leap into awakening and unveiling/revelation). November will therefore allow us to feel our own source even more strongly and will therefore be accompanied by an even stronger manifestation of our own inner light. Life circumstances, people, relationships, actions and conditions that have always belonged to us or have always corresponded to our origins will become even more clearly manifest in our lives (All of this will be attracted even more strongly on our part - maximum abundance until the end of the year - the gold/light within ourselves will be awakened - only when we ourselves become light or feel light within ourselves will there be light in the world - as well as within so externally - only when you change yourself does the world change). Now, including today, you will find out how there are still three portal days, to be precise the only portal days this month, which ultimately represents the energetically significant beginning of this month (important foundations are set for the entire month). This portal day phase has been extremely consciousness-changing so far and the final open portal allows us to continue to explore new levels of our being.

The past two days were extremely intense in terms of energy and I once again experienced very special moods. So I experienced the holiday on October 31st as extremely relaxing and completely surrendered to the flow that came with it. Appropriately and, above all, surprisingly, I spent this day celebrating with my girlfriend, even though we hadn't planned on it. Ultimately, the day was a very special journey, in itself a journey into new depths of our minds - a journey that was extremely intense, but also inspiring. The next day everything seemed like a dream and the transition into the month was totally crazy. And as I write these lines, it seems to me as if this day was already a week ago, a circumstance that also speaks for the accelerated quality of time - everything is changing so quickly, everything is developing so quickly , as has never been the case before. November will therefore change a lot again and take this acceleration to a new level..!!

And at the end of the day, the powerful monthly transition, accompanied by Samhain and All Saints Day, also flows in here. All Saints' Day stands for the commemoration of the saints who in turn have reached a perfected state; one could also speak of those who have fully manifested the Christ consciousness (Christ consciousness = high-frequency/lightful 5D state of consciousness - in itself a very significant festival in terms of symbolism). Samhain essentially represents the final end of summer and the beginning of the “dark times”. It is also about recollecting our deeply hidden potential and, apart from that, also about a gate to a new level of consciousness, which was opened especially on this night. In this regard, I also quote a section from the Facebook group “Living and teaching shamanism":

Halloween or Samhain, as it is called by the Celts, is celebrated on the night of October 31st to November 1st. The church later celebrated the day, but it's actually about the night.

At this point summer is truly over. The days are significantly shorter, the dark times demand space. Darkness is often associated with primal femininity. Our strength and our potential lie hidden in this darkness. But it is also the potential that scares us.

At Halloween we remember our ancestors. And we suspect that their powers are also inherent in us. On this night we can retrieve parts of ourselves that we have lost (known in shamanism as retrieving soul parts) in order to become whole and whole again.

Do you sometimes look longingly at others who can obviously do so much more than you? Then you see your light shadow. The longing is an indication that this potential also rests within you. But if you lived it, the world you know so far would no longer exist, you would blow it up. And with it your limits.

Halloween night invites you to deep transformation. Are you ready to really meet yourself, with all your possibilities?

You can also consciously invite light ancestors this night. These are people who have redeemed exactly what is now important to you. Maybe you only know them from books or your dreams. Maybe they aren't even alive anymore. But they all have left an energetic footprint that you can follow.

Tonight is a good night for all oracle techniques. Write down all the clues, because for the Celts the New Year began on the first of November. So this night you get a preview of what the next 12 months will bring you.

I always draw my annual rune during this time.

Maybe you would like to do a ritual for yourself and your ancestors tonight. Invite her. Maybe you will also receive messages. They will reach you if you are open to it.

I definitely wish you a good journey across the bridge to the new era. Don't let the guards fool you, it's just parts of your ego that show themselves that way. With gratitude and love they let you pass. Be curious about what you find.

I am too.

Ultimately, the transition into November was very significant and could be accompanied by a deepening of our own spirit. And the portal days in particular massively strengthened the associated influences and gave us a very special “vibe”. Today will therefore once again feel very profound and will continue the intensity of November. So let us go within ourselves and feel the special influences. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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