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With today's daily energy on May 02nd, 2023, the influences of the Taurus Sun continue to reach us, through which we can work with perseverance and perseverance on the realization of our own being, and on the other hand, the influences of the waxing moon, which on the one hand at 08:05: XNUMX o'clock changes into the zodiac sign Libra and beyond that its upcoming full moon shape including the penumbral lunar eclipse. This is where we stand, as we did yesterday Daily Energy Article addressed, shortly before the manifestation of a highly transformative darkness that will have an incredibly powerful impact on the collective field.

The energetic influences in May

Penumbral lunar eclipseIn this regard, including today, there are only three days left (on May 05th), until this special event reaches us. Until then, we are still experiencing the preliminary influences of this energetically significant event. In this context, corresponding full moons, new moons and eclipses always affect us in advance and also afterwards. And at this point I can only say that the energy can already be felt in depth. There's just a certain magic in the air and a lot of things seem to be rearranging themselves. The collective consciousness is therefore already being strongly addressed and is experiencing an acceleration in its change process. Well, independent of these special influences, there are also other special cosmic changes coming to us this month. You can find out exactly what these are below:

Venus moves into Cancer

For example, two days after the penumbral eclipse, Venus, which is currently traveling directly, changes from the zodiac sign Gemini to the zodiac sign Cancer. This constellation will deepen our emotional connections and aspects as a whole. Cancer itself, as a water sign, is always accompanied by pronounced emotionality and sensitivity and is also strongly focused on one's own family. With Venus in Cancer, we could focus our own minds more on our relationships and partnerships. Our interpersonal relationships are in the foreground and an increased focus on our own family is emphasized. Venus itself, which also represents pleasure and corresponding joys, can also ensure in this combination that we devote ourselves to our inner circle and draw valuable strength from it. From a collective perspective, the healing of emotional connections also comes to the fore.

Mercury goes direct

Mercury goes directOn May 15th, Mercury will once again go direct in Taurus, which will be a good time to start new projects, sign contracts and generally tackle the manifestation of completely new circumstances. On the other hand, this creates another good phase in which we can progress communicatively and have special discussions accordingly. Especially because of the Taurus zodiac sign, we can approach our counterparts calmly and carefully. Otherwise, the Mercury/Taurus combination ensures that we are also much more persistent on a communicative level and do not allow ourselves to be thrown off course. It will therefore be a good time to strictly follow a path that is useful to us, without allowing ourselves to be led astray.

Jupiter moves into the zodiac sign Taurus

Exactly one day later, i.e. on May 16th, the planet of expansion and happiness will move to the zodiac sign Taurus, in which it will remain for 1 year. For this reason, the special effects of this constellation will be with us for a long time. During this constellation, it is particularly important that we create a living situation in which a financial or generally luck-based circumstance manifests itself and, above all, consolidates it. In this way we can pave the basis for anchoring special and abundant circumstances in depth. In keeping with the zodiac sign Taurus, which goes hand in hand with the earth element, we can ground ourselves and create a secure base. Of course, a penchant for material things can also arise, at least that's what Taurus likes to do, but it's up to us to maintain inner clarity.

New moon in the zodiac sign Taurus

New moon in the zodiac sign TaurusA few days later, on May 19, 2023 to be precise, a refreshing new moon will reach us in the zodiac sign Taurus, which in turn will also be opposite the Taurus Sun. This new moon will have an extremely grounding influence on us and will be responsible for ensuring that new circumstances that we primarily address during this time are directly given a healthy foundation. On the other hand, this concentrated Taurus constellation creates a field through which we can now tackle major tasks. Tasks or circumstances that we have not yet been able to achieve (simply because they seemed too heavy for us), can experience a huge boost in manifestation through this Taurus New Moon.

Mars moves into the zodiac sign Leo

Exactly one day later, i.e. on May 20th, Mars switches to the zodiac sign Leo. The ruling planet of Aries, which always drives us forward, can use this constellation to ensure that we truly revive our inner fire. However, this would allow us to tap into our creative powers much more easily than usual and pursue our desires at the same time. The concentrated and, above all, forward-driving force of Mars wants us to end all standstills and raise our self-realization to a new level. Due to this constellation, it will be a good time to move completely forward. Our inner warrior energy can come to the fore quite strongly.

Sun moves into the zodiac sign Gemini

Last but not least, the sun switches to the zodiac sign Gemini on May 21st. So another major solar change will take place on this day and the time of Gemini energy begins. Due to the airy energy of the Gemini zodiac sign, we will feel a strong inclination towards social activities and enjoy doing things with other people. Special communicative circumstances, a much more pronounced curiosity and a valuable, lively exchange will be in the foreground. Otherwise, this constellation can show us our extremes. In this context, the sun always represents our essence and therefore illuminates aspects of our being. Within the Gemini zodiac sign, which tends to fall into extremes or into two sides or even has difficulty deciding on something, the reasons why we fall into extremes, for example, are highlighted. This time can therefore make us very centered if we are mindful and work successfully on our inner issues.


Well, finally it should be said that with May we have another very special month ahead of us, in which, above all, an extremely grounding quality of energy reaches us. And in keeping with this, we are also experiencing the special blossoming within nature this month. We can therefore optimally integrate these energies into ourselves by, for example, going into nature and thereby experiencing the influences of nature (Earth) absorb directly into us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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