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With today's daily energy on March 02nd, 2022, we reach us, in keeping with the month of new beginnings that has begun (March), the influences of a special new moon in the zodiac sign Pisces. The new moon becomes manifest in the evening at 18:39 p.m., but of course exerts its strong influences on us throughout the day. Accordingly, the new moon in the zodiac sign Pisces wants i.e. the new moon in the element of water, which we get everything flowing. Be it our energy systems, our thoughts, feelings, our self-image or even all the resulting life circumstances, the more we experience an inner heaviness, blockage and density, the more we deny ourselves the opportunity to bathe in the flow of life.

Your natural flow

Your natural flowThrough all self-imposed mental blockages (related to all circumstances and conditions - going around in circles in your mind every day, getting lost in ideas about past or even future problems, etc., feeling spiritually small/weak/powerless/helpless/ungodly, etc.), we bring our own energy system to a standstill and accordingly attract external circumstances or conditions that reflect these internal blockages. Anyone who feels spiritual stagnation internally can only attract further stagnation. Those who pursue ideas based on disharmony attract more disharmony. But life itself always wants us to get everything flowing, just as the universal law of rhythm and vibration suggests to us. Everything swings, everything moves, everything flows. Anyone who follows this principle instead of living out a state of inner paralysis and blockage will find this flow of life leading to pure abundance and inner peace. Ultimately, it is the natural flow of all possibilities that is then open to us. Well, today's new moon in the zodiac sign Pisces represents this principle of natural flow. And thanks to the new moon energies, there is generally an energy quality that favors the manifestation of new circumstances.

Old things dissolve

Old things dissolveAdded to this is the fact that a lot of old energies are being released energetically, especially this March. Everything that no longer belongs to us or has been in the dark, hidden or unfulfilled for a long time is now gradually dissolving. The new wants to move in and become manifest on all levels of existence. And we can hardly escape this strong quality. Therefore, the sooner we embrace this principle, the easier our transition to a liberated state will become. For this reason, this month we can generally manifest major changes that will be very important for us in the coming year. As I said, only 18 days left and then the true beginning of the New Year will reach us, then the spring equinox will become manifest. This new moon in the zodiac sign Pisces initiates the last phase of this old year like no other new moon (and then the zodiac rhythm begins again). Shortly before the beginning of the new astrological year, this new moon can also give us special visions, because the zodiac sign Pisces in particular favors sensitive and visionary moods in this context. Above all, visions of a new living situation that we would like to experience in the new astrological year can reach us more often. Well, finally, I would like to share some exciting sections from the page about today's new moon bluemoon.de quote in which special aspects are highlighted:

“The time of the fish(18.02.-21.03.) every year connects us with our longings, dreams and the feeling of being alone. So it can sometimes feel as if we are walking through this special phase in a somnambulistic way - as if we are being guided. Our paths in life may be intertwined. But looking back, we can see how one event led to the next and brought us to where we are today. Every decision we make takes us down new paths. But even if a path turns out to be a detour, we ultimately end up where we belong.

The symbol of the sign Pisces

The final astrological symbol in the zodiac is two conjoined Pisces swimming in opposite directions. One fish represents the soul, the other the personality of the person. Both are inextricably linked by the thread of life. Beginning and end, life and death unite, man and cosmos merge with each other. We can see the dreams and visions that we receive now 20.03.2022 bring energy into the world during the season of Aries, the beginning of the astrological New Year.

Look back and forward

We have reached the end of our journey through the zodiac and can now look back to prepare for the next round:

  • What new paths have I taken?
  • What dead ends did I get into?
  • Where has my journey taken me so far?
  • From what inner attitude did I make my decisions?
  • What new perspectives have emerged?
  • In which situations would I behave differently today?
  • What goal do I have to start the new astrological year?

New Moon in Pisces – The Message

The gift from Neptune serves as a contrast to the very great demands placed on us as humanity (the new ruler of fish) and Jupiter (the ancient ruler of fish) in Pisces: compassion and an unshakable belief in the good. Jupiter and Neptune are now moving towards each other step by step, although they will only connect on 12.04.2022, but we will feel this energy from the second week of March. The meeting of these two planets in the sign of Pisces is a precious moment and last happened in 1856. What kind of energy is this? This connection makes miracles possible – provided we believe in it too!

Wishes for the New Moon in Pisces

Pisces is the sign with the greatest longing for spiritual experiences and transcendence. Those born under this sign often have an ability to experience things that can range from meditative internalization to visionary vision. The themes of compassion and devotion are also associated with this zodiac sign. Every new moon is a phase of new beginnings and can be accompanied by a ritual.
Since there are no planets retrograde in March, we can also use this time strategically to plan and develop new things. The sign Pisces is assigned to the element of water: so when searching for our soul's path we can flow like water with confidence - because water always finds its way!"

With this in mind, everyone enjoy today's new moon energies and prepare yourselves internally for the next astrological year. There are only a few days left. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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