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With today's daily energy on June 02nd, 2022, directly following on from yesterday's first day of June, we experience the quality of the first month of summer ushered in and with it a new phase begins for all of us. So we are now leaving the truly very stimulating, magical and above all highly transformative month of May behind us (And this May felt like it was accompanied by incredibly intense but also very special moments) and kick a month of femininity. In general, the beginning of summer also marks a phase that essentially stands for abundance, joy of life, sensuality and the harvest of the seeds we have sown.

The energies of the first month of summer

The energies of the first month of summer

At this point I can only refer again and again to the interlocking universal laws of rhythm/vibration and the law of correspondence. On the one hand, we ourselves, just like nature, go through different cycles again and again (wWe are cyclical beings, just as, for example, woman herself is cyclically connected to the moon). On the other hand, all processes that take place on a large scale also take place on a small scale and vice versa. The current cycle of nature, as a direct image/product/result of our mind, can therefore also be transferred 1:1 to ourselves. And at this point, like no other cycle phase, summer stands for the harvest of the fruits of previously sown seeds (Causes) and on the other side for maximum fullness. In the next three months we can now experience in a special way how we increasingly experience the effects of various causes that we created, for example, in the winter months. And the current summer months also tie in with the past two eclipses, which also means that, from a purely cyclical perspective, the coming moons in the summer months will shed light on our established causes and, above all, recent conflicts. Geopolitically, we will also experience some special or even major changes, although from a purely astrological point of view, June and especially the end of July/August should generally be marked by major changes. That would at least be in line with the current overall energy quality. As far as this is concerned, the entire current situation is designed to achieve our master degrees. The healing of our own field, along with the mastery of our own incarnation, is more important than ever, our mastery is taking place.

The light of the summer solstice

Energy of the summer solsticeWell, the month of femininity, which in turn is named after the goddess Juno, is generally accompanied by one of the most luminous annual events of all, because it is the month on which the summer solstice reaches us, i.e. the day on which the sun reaches its highest point and it is bright for the longest time (on June 21st - the astronomical beginning of summer - the day on which the light is present the longest - deep symbolism - incidentally a day on which I myself have always had very important encounters in recent years). At the end of the day, June has a special quality of energy in store for us and will also take us through an extremely important time. Incidentally, June was also introduced in terms of the moon by the zodiac sign Cancer. At least yesterday morning at 07:50 a.m. the moon changed from the zodiac sign Gemini to the zodiac sign Cancer. The energies of the water element are therefore directly influential in the first part of June and can set a lot of things in motion. Our emotions or our sensitive side are particularly in the foreground, because especially during times of cancer, our inner sensitive aspects are increasingly evoked or, better said, brought to the fore. And since we are now in the waxing phase of the moon again, we can even expect an increase in circumstances through which, for example, our family or general interpersonal connections, we can increasingly reflect our inner sensitivity and sensitivity. But well, with that in mind, I wish you all a wonderful second day of June. Enjoy the energies of the first month of summer. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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