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Today's daily energy on July 02, 2019 is mainly shaped by the influences of the new moon (in the zodiac sign Cancer – change took place at 03:25 in the night) and above all from an associated total solar eclipse, which is why we are very strong Frequencies reach, sometimes even from one huge shift spoken, a very important event.

Total solar eclipse – pure magic

Total solar eclipseIn this context, one also speaks of a total solar eclipse when the moon (a new moon) is positioned completely between the Earth and the Sun. The three celestial bodies are then in a straight line and the moon's complete shadow falls on the earth's surface (During a partial solar eclipse, the sun is only partially obscured/obscured). It should be said that a total solar eclipse (just like a lunar eclipse), is considered to have huge potential (Corresponding events are always accompanied by very strong energies, similar to what is generally the case with a new or full moon, although a solar eclipse in turn is accompanied by a completely different energetic potential - they are portals, shifts, events that are important spiritual/mental initial sparks trigger). Here we also like to talk about the fact that deeply hidden structures or even sensations within us are released, i.e. “eclipses” are generally about the release/clearing of one's own deep-seated attachments. The sun is darkened, i.e. the light is “cut off” and then the light breaks through again and a new cycle begins. Today is therefore symbolic of a new birth, of “going into the light” (into a luminous/harmonious state of consciousness), for direct access to our inner core, which in turn is based on shadow and ultimately on light (Merging of polarity/duality).

Today's total solar eclipse, which begins at 16:55 p.m. and peaks around four hours later, represents an EXTREMELY POWERFUL PORTAL that will catapult us into a new cycle. It's about our inner light, about the manifestation of new or harmony-based ideas and, above all, about the fusion of our own dualistic parts/views. It is therefore a major event that has a very deep meaning and will reveal completely new possibilities to us, in keeping with the current high phase of spiritual awakening..!!

Ultimately, this also involves the unification of male and female parts. Both aspects lie dormant within us, but there is usually an imbalance that we humans repeatedly project onto the external world and then search for the appropriate balance, although this balance/unification can only be found within ourselves , because we ourselves, as the origin, contain everything and can only initiate a merger. In some cases this also goes hand in hand with the merging of the inner and outer worlds. The outer world also represents our inner world and vice versa. Both are aspects of our being and always reflect our current creative connection. But at the end of the day, everything is one and one is everything. We ourselves are everything and everything is ourselves. It is exactly the same with the external world, which ultimately represents our internal world, yes, it is therefore even our internal world, only projected onto the external (Merging of duality – including outer/inner world). But well, in keeping with this powerful portal I would also like to quote an exciting passage from the website hexerey:

Solar eclipses are gateways through which something new comes into our lives while black moons are always birthing moments. The black moon appears as a dark void in the sky one night before the new moon appears again as a thin crescent. She is the midwife and obstetrician of many important processes and developments. This seventh black moon of the year (also the magic number seven!) is the Nymph Moon. The nymphs have direct access to the ever-flowing source of life and, as nature spirits, they depend on springs and trees to remain alive.

As guardians of springs and trees, they also have a strong connection to the Year of Three with the motto: “T(h)ree of life“. The tree of life wants to bloom again and on this July black moon a very strong impulse for it is born. It's about nothing less than direct access to the source of life.

Well then, the coming total darkness will lead us deep into our own source and open a very large gate. We can therefore be curious to see what circumstances/influences/experiences will reach us. It will definitely be exciting. Last but not least, a small note: “The total darkness cannot be seen in our latitudes, only along a narrow strip that covers areas of Chile and Argentina or in the South Pacific. But the influences still reach the entire collective. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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