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daily energy

Today's daily energy stands as a whole for the flow of life, for the driving force of our own primal ground, which firstly can never expire and secondly embodies many important principles. Every human being has an immaterial body whose unique energetic system is characterized by its flowing movement. Nevertheless, our own energetic flow can come to a standstill, namely when when we let mental problems or even other self-created blockages dominate us.

The river of life

flow of lifeAs a result, our own chakras are slowed down in spin, which ultimately results in energetic blockages. Due to these blockages, our own energetic flow comes to a halt and the corresponding physical areas are no longer adequately supplied with life energy. As a result, diseases can then manifest themselves more easily in the corresponding region. Ultimately, people also like to talk about mental overload/impurities that are passed on to our physical body, which then leads to many physical problems. Nevertheless, your own energetic flow of life should not come to a standstill, but should be able to flow freely. The universal principle of rhythm and vibration also tells us that movement is a state that can be encountered firstly (everything is in a state of constant movement - matter is not a solid, rigid state, but condensed energy) and secondly, movement is essential for our own mental, emotional and physical well-being. People who get caught up in rigid life patterns every day, always doing the same thing 1:1 and not managing to break out of this vicious cycle, are just overloading their own psyche in the long run. For this reason, today's daily energy is also suitable for bringing movement back into your own life. Overcoming your own rigid life patterns can therefore be easier today. This overcoming is of course also linked to the restructuring of our own subconscious. One's reality is a product of our own mind. Mind, in turn, represents the complex interaction between consciousness and subconsciousness. All beliefs, beliefs, conditioning and other thought processes are anchored in our subconscious. For this reason, staying permanently in a positively oriented state of consciousness is also linked to the restructuring of our own subconscious.

Restructuring our own subconscious is essential when it comes to realizing a lasting realignment of our own mind..!!

Rewriting your own operating system, installing new positive programs, if you will. For this reason, I also recommend using today's daily energy to break through your own rigid life patterns in order to be able to realize a state of consciousness again in which positive thoughts and emotions find their place again. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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