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Today's daily energy on February 02, 2021 brings us mainly strong energetic influences, which in turn are due to the fact that the first portal day of this month reaches us today (Other portal days this month are as follows: 02.|10.|10.|16.|21.|24.). This energy is then reinforced by the fact that we have two portal days in a row achieve, i.e. the third of February is also a portal day, which means that we have two days in which we ourselves can carry out a major inner transformation process or, if we feel spiritually ready, we can take a big step through a portal that will give us will in turn lead into a new state of consciousness/state of being.

The truth is becoming increasingly clear

Double portal day energiesLike yesterday Daily Energy Article I mentioned the month of February (Month of cleaning) started to completely clean my premises, which I did strictly. The next step will be a clearing out (After yesterday's cleansing, I was no longer able to do this, so this will be done on the third portal day + the switch to a 100% consistent natural diet, which I will prepare for tomorrow). The special thing about these projects is that they were initiated completely without coercion and also without much planning. It just happened that way, i.e. I am being drawn into this inner cleansing/transformation right now, in keeping with the highly transformative energies, in keeping with the overarching energy quality that wants to draw us all more and more into the light and, above all, in keeping with February The beginning, which generally stands for the month of cleansing and, above all, of change. And ultimately, I can only point out again and again how important it ultimately is that we carry out internal cleansing processes and, at the same time, push and harmonize our own self-image, simply because in doing so we create a world on the outside that subsequently conforms to our own harmonious self-image adapts. The more we enter into abundance, the more the external world can enter into abundance.

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The more we consolidate our inner divinity and thereby pursue divine actions (instead of repeatedly manifesting human/earthly actions/ideas, - e.g. Habits that bind us to 3D), the more the outer world will become more divine or, better said, all structures based on 3D will dissolve - matter ALWAYS adapts to our overarching state of being. For this reason, in the coming weeks we will also see increasingly strong dissolutions of the 3D world and ultimately great revelations/revelations, simply because a large part of the collective mind has now undergone a strong cleansing process. The signs are AS GOOD AS NEVER before and we can't really look forward to the coming weeks/months, simply because so much light will come to the surface, which can then be seen by even more people, a light that even the the greatest veil penetrates. Well, ultimately we can of course accelerate this process by deepening our inner purification process and thereby overcoming ourselves even more. And February is perfect for this circumstance, it even favors it in a very special way. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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