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Today's daily energy on December 02nd, 2021 is characterized by the waning moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio, which is slowly but surely approaching its new moon form (on December 04nd), accompanied by the associated total solar eclipse. On the other hand, today's portal day influences still reach us. The first portal day of this month takes us even further into the energetic quality of this special time right at the beginning of the first month of winter. December this year has a lot of magic in store for us and has a very special potential for change.

Incredibly powerful days leading up to the winter solstice

Winter solsticeThey are currently falling apart, as they were last time Daily Energy Article addressed all old structures, i.e. the old world based on the suppression of all truthful structures is at its end, it is the last phase within the end times in which everything about our spirit (and around the world) and we therefore insist on the disclosure of all suppressed technologies (golden technologies that are so beneficial that it will be almost impossible for many to grasp), true historical events and countless other circumstances that are hard to imagine. The system, which is currently showing its true colors more than ever before, is under enormous pressure. The measures currently taking place and the overarching pressure that has been built up are only a reflection of the crumbling reality of the puppet masters; they want us to be treated so harshly that they themselves are completely cornered (Even if the state and the media try to paint a different picture, it is appearances that we should not succumb to) and therefore see no other way out or there is no turning back. The world is in absolute transformation, which is why it is the most important time of all for all of us.

Incredibly powerful days leading up to the winter solstice

Winter solstice December in particular takes us into the new world at the speed of light and allows many important structures to become manifest in this regard. The month of retreat gives us what feels like the most potent days ever, fitting for the end of this transcendent year (So we will move into 2022 with tremendous transformation and impact). Not only the total solar eclipse or even the coming winter solstice on December 21st will represent highly important energetic events, which in turn will supply our energy system with highly potent impulses, but there is also currently talk of 40 powerful days in which, in particular the acceleration of the current paradigm shift is being massively promoted and thereby strengthened divine realities can become manifest within the collective. This period of time began around two weeks ago on November 11.11th and will last until December 21st, i.e. until the day of the winter solstice, or then lead to this powerful conclusion. At this point I will also quote another article from the site esistallesda.de:

“We are in the midst of an incredibly powerful 40-day period that began on November 11th and will peak during the solstice on December 20th and 21st. This unique period of time offers us the opportunity to not only accelerate the essential process of dismantling the outdated paradigms that have manipulated, controlled and oppressed the masses of humanity for eons, but also to multiply the Light of God on Earth in a way which will ease the trauma and shock of this important part of Earth's ascension process. The Beings of Light said that the events unfolding during this time on both the inner and outer planes are paving the way for monumental changes to take place after the birth of the New Year 2022. These changes will affect every area of ​​life that belongs to or serves Mother Earth at this time. The Society of Heaven reminds us of what it has been saying for decades. Pay attention, because cosmic moments come and cosmic moments go. What they mean by this is that there are countless events occurring throughout the universe that greatly amplify the frequencies of divine light available to humanity's individual and collective evolutionary process. These incredible opportunities present themselves regularly through various celestial events, including lunar cycles, solar cycles, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, and planetary alignments. They also occur when we experience galactic solar wave plasma, solar storms, solar winds, photonic light fluxes, solar radiation magnetic fields, sound pulses, and various other cosmic events.”

And ultimately, such a phase generally goes hand in hand with current astrological interpretations, because in this regard, constellations are currently being interpreted that clearly mark the disintegration of the old world. November and December are all about cleaning up all the things that no longer belong to us. The whole thing then takes place until March, a period of time for which great things are predicted. So it can be said that in the current highly magical time, great things are happening in the world and we are also closer to the manifestation of a golden world than ever before. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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