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Today's daily energy on December 02nd, 2019 continues to give us strong impulses and will strengthen our own higher self even more. In this context, this is also a main aspect that is again in the current last Days of this decade will be in the foreground, because the rapid development of the collective awakening process over the last ten years has led us very much into our own original state of consciousness and it is precisely this state that is now experiencing the greatest rooting of all time.

Acting from our higher self

Acting from our higher selfAnd with that comes, at the end of the day, simply maintaining our higher self. In this context, it is also often spoken of within the light body process (Incidentally, a process that describes the development from the material/ego person to the fully awakened light person) that as we progress through this process or within our own spiritual evolution, we will reach a point where we begin to allow ourselves to be guided by our higher self. Ultimately, we like to mystify things, which is why it might sound as if something higher is guiding us. Ultimately, the guidance of the higher self refers entirely to ourselves and means a circumstance in which we act from a higher image of ourselves. Your own lower self, i.e. a system-driven/oriented, ignorant, low-frequency and disharmonious self-image, has been completely cleaned up/transformed, so that you largely only act from a higher self. Ultimately, you have come so far in your own spiritual awakening process that you are fully aware that you are the creator/source/origin of all things (Since everything that exists outside ALWAYS represents your own imagination of the outside/your own energy outside, - if a completely new person comes into your life/your perception, then this person represents an energetic reflection of yourself, - one A toxic person would then show us a toxic aspect of ourselves that we ourselves have not yet cleaned up, which is why our energy would then have become manifest outside, in the form of the person), so that your own lower self can hardly show any presence.

What has happened in the last 10 years is unbelievable and can hardly be put into words - how extremely things have progressed. And now, 10 years later, we have all become completely different people and have found ourselves very strongly. It has therefore been one of the most transformative spiritual journeys that humanity has ever experienced and will now, within the last month of this decade, experience complete consolidation. In the coming decade everything will change, it is inevitable..!!

And since the knowledge of our own original cause has been completely consolidated, hardly anything can tear you out of this knowing state, i.e. you mostly only act out of your own high God self - you are aware of yourself/you are with You have arrived and are no longer oriented towards the outside, i.e. you are no longer looking for answers about your own origins and God (because you know deep down that you have always represented the original reason & God yourself and you, too, created the system in this form in order to be able to become aware of it again), mostly about other people (in which you place others above yourself - smaller image of yourself - you wait for a redeemer instead of redeeming yourself), because you carry this knowledge deep within yourself. Well, in this month the final return and maximum rooting of our own self takes place, through which we then become able to initiate the golden age, acting from our higher self. Today will therefore also follow this and allow us to feel this knowledge even more strongly. It is a special day, one of the last days of this decade, which is why we can be happy about all the impulses that are now being consolidated on our part. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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