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Today's daily energy on December 02nd, 2017 provides us with energy to dissolve old karmic beliefs and entanglements. In this regard, we humans are often subject to negative beliefs, convictions and ideas about the world, which in turn cause friction and have a negative impact. In this context Karma is also based on the principle of cause and effect.

Our karmic beliefs in focus

For example, if you have the flu, then this infection is an experienced effect that you caused in the past. So your weakened immune system, which in turn promoted the development of the flu infection, was not completely weakened for no reason, but was a result of your unbalanced mind. If a person experiences a mental imbalance over a long period of time due to an unnatural/stressful lifestyle, then they create a cellular environment that makes the development and maintenance of diseases unavoidable. You yourself are not punished by life or even by a supposed karma, but you only experience the effect of the cause you created yourself. This principle can therefore also be wonderfully traced back to our beliefs. For example, if you think that you are not beautiful, cannot accept yourself, repeatedly reject yourself and as a result cannot find a partner for a relationship or even ruin a relationship because of your lack of self-confidence and your lack of self-love If you were jealous, then you would be solely responsible for this circumstance and would experience an effect (separation, conflict or no relationship) that would be due to your self-created negative belief system.

Based on their own spiritual foundation, each person creates a completely individual reality, in which completely individual karmic entanglements, beliefs and beliefs prevail..!!

As humans, we are always responsible for what happens to us in life and are not victims of arbitrary circumstances. Nothing happens to us by chance, everything that happens, or rather all effects that can be experienced, are the result of a corresponding cause.

Today's star constellations

Today's star constellationsIn this context, the cause of every effect is always of a spiritual nature, so the entire life is a mental/spiritual projection of our own mind and everything arises from our mental spectrum. Whether our perception, our actions, our reality, everything, absolutely everything is therefore due to our own mental state. It is therefore important to recognize and resolve our own lasting karmic beliefs, otherwise we will experience an effect over and over again that we do not approve of at the end of the day. Well, apart from the dissolution of your own karmic patterns, today's daily energy is again accompanied by various star constellations. On the one hand, there is still an opposition (tension aspect) between Mars and Uranus, which could continue to make us rebellious. On the other hand, this constellation can also make us careless, i.e. we become careless + careless in our actions, which is why acting consciously is still of utmost importance. Apart from this, Venus in the zodiac sign Sagittarius continues to influence us (until December 25th), which could make us very sensitive in the area of ​​love and awaken our sporting qualities. Otherwise, at 02:53 a.m. we also reached a trine between the Moon and Pluto, i.e. a constellation that had a strong impact on our emotional life and awakened our sentimental nature.

Due to today's star constellations, we could be inclined to rebellion, to act carelessly, but also to extravagance. In the evening, the focus is again on our communication, which is favored by the Gemini Moon..!!

At 22:20 p.m. the moon switches again to the zodiac sign Gemini, which can make us inquisitive and quick to react. In exactly the same way, we can be awake and long for new experiences and impressions. Ultimately, a good time for communication of all kinds begins and our contacts will be the focus. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellation Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2017/Dezember/2

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