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After the extremely stormy and, above all, consciousness-expanding days (At this point I refer directly to my latest article, in which I reveal new self-knowledge on my part resulting from this phase: The highest level of knowledge) everything is now all about flourishing and your own growth (in the sign of self-realization, the realization of one's own self, - the most powerful thing of all). The awakening of spring can therefore be transferred 1:1 to ourselves and will now give us an incredible number of gifts or influences through which we can give ourselves maximum abundance.

The awakening of nature

The awakening of natureThe awakening of spring can now be felt very strongly, not only within ourselves, but also within nature. A few days ago I already mentioned that the portal day phase, which in turn began at the astronomical beginning of spring, accompanied by a powerful full moon and ended at the end of March, initiated the transition into spring. Spring has now fully manifested itself. It wasn't until yesterday that I really became aware of the intensity of this, because during my walk in nature I was able to see more blossoming than ever before (even stronger than in the final days of March). In the end, it fits perfectly, especially when I (At least I can only speak about myself here) I refer to my findings of the last few days, which were also accompanied by an inner awakening, the awakening of myself. From winter to spring a very special transition took place (The magic of the seasons has never felt so strong and, above all, transferable to us as it is this year), the transition from a sleep (Interior sweeping) into a waking state from which a reality can now emerge, which in turn is characterized by abundance, wisdom and self-realization. That's why the current days are extremely magical in terms of the mood and the basic energetic quality alone (It just never ends, on the contrary, it becomes more and more magical).

Changing the world is not your job. Changing yourself is not your job. Awakening to your true nature is your opportunity – Mooji..!!

Very special upswing energies are in the air and we can now push ourselves incredibly, i.e. creating a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas can now be realized very strongly. All self-imposed limits can be overcome. Well, in keeping with the magical mood, something very special continues to happen with regard to the planetary resonance frequency (see image linked below). Planetary resonance frequencyIn this regard, we received stronger impulses yesterday (Anomalies), sometimes even for a few hours, which also promoted the corresponding moods. Even the earth's magnetic field showed some minor disturbances (Sun influences). Although they were very small anomalies, it has often been shown in the past that such anomalies often represent the forerunners of a solar storm. But whether this will happen remains to be seen. Nevertheless, these values ​​also illustrate the special nature of the current days. Well, for this reason I can only say one thing in conclusion: “Use the current upswing energies and push your own spirit into completely new dimensions, everything is possible. The phase is literally predestined for this. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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