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Today's daily energy on October 01st, 2017 represents a balancing of forces and can help us find our way back into balance. In this context, I have often mentioned that balance is something that is essential for our own health. In this context, illnesses are just a result of an unbalanced mind, a negatively oriented, stressful state of consciousness, -from which an unbalanced life arises again and again.

balancing of forces

balancing of forces

As long as our own mind/body/spirit system is not in harmony in this regard, not in balance, we cannot become completely healthy or rather clear. Only when we create a balanced mental state again, when we no longer let mental problems dominate us, when we recognize + transform/release our own self-created blockages again, when we eliminate our own interference fields, will it be possible for us to create a state of consciousness which firstly lingers in a high frequency and secondly benefits our own prosperity as a result. Daily stress or thoughts anchored in the subconscious, which repeatedly reach our own day consciousness and then burden our own psyche, affect our own organism and promote a physical environment that promotes the development of diseases. The main cause of an illness is not in our body, but always in our mind. Only an imbalanced mind allows diseases to arise. As a result, our own mind simply shifts this energetic overload onto our body, which then has to compensate for this pollution (this weakens our immune system + other endogenous functionalities are impaired). Well then, since today's daily energy stands for a balance of forces and can help us to find our way back into balance, we should take advantage of this fact and join this principle.

Change does not happen on the outside, but always on the inside. Therefore, be the change you wish for in this world. Create a life according to your ideas, unfold your mental potential..!!

So ask yourself what keeps burdening your own psyche and initiate a change as a result. Start working through one problem at a time, transform it and feel how this changes your life for the better. Today is the first of October, a new month has begun and therefore it is also a good idea to bring about an essential change today. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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