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With today's daily energy on November 01st, 2021, a new energy quality will be introduced, suitable for the beginning of the last autumn month. In this context, November stands like no other month for letting go of old structures, patterns and attachments. Just before winter sets in and we fully immerse ourselves in the months of introspection, we therefore live through a final month that can particularly cleanse our energy field. Appropriately, the greatest time over the sun is also in the zodiac sign Scorpio, which can generally cause deep emotions in ourselves. After all, the scorpion "stabs" into the depths of our being and likes to make previously unredeemed structures visible.

A new quality of energy

And like the last one Daily Energy Article addressed to the Crescent is then added the overarching acceleration within the Ascension process, through which we are all drawn into our true power more than ever. To perceive the source with all its dimensions/realities/worlds in oneself, i.e. to be able to recognize oneself as an all-encompassing consciousness/all-encompassing source, along with the feeling of "being holy" represents an inevitable state within the awakening process. As creators are themselves we are capable of anything and with the help of our faith, pure willpower and, above all, the deepest devotion, we can make all worlds manifest, just as all worlds have so far emerged from your spirit (even these words were born in your reality at this very moment while you are reading them - just as everything ALWAYS begins in your own reality, because your own reality encompasses/includes everything - you are connected to everything - other people, structures, Worlds, everything lives in your imagination or in your all-encompassing spirit). In the current days, everything boils down to this knowledge, they are the key to healing the world and above all to healing our self (to "come to light" our true self), to constant decoupling from the old 3D matrix world, to ascend into the highest kingdom, never forget that, it is the greatest/most hidden power that slumbers in everyone, that pure "being divine". In the past decade we have been able to free ourselves from the old 3D matrix structures to a large extent and in this current decade this process has taken on gigantic traits. We are getting closer and closer to completion, i.e. the liberation of the world, the ascent into 5D, initiated by each one of us, by healing ourselves.

All Hallows frequency

November will therefore hold many important moments for all of us and will further deepen our inner ascension process. So we can also benefit again from today's "All Saints' Day" frequency. As has often been mentioned, there is a powerful energy behind many early Christian festivals, which at its core contains an important truth. Just the vibration of the word “All Saints” (the Holy of Holies - one's inner space and consequently outer space) is extremely powerful and can therefore activate many points in our energy system once we have become receptive to higher worlds. The more receptive we are to this, the stronger the influence becomes perceptible to us. Well then, in line with this, I would like to quote a section from an older article of mine, in which I took up All Saints' Day and, appropriately, the special feast of Samhain:

And at the end of the day, the powerful transition of the months also flows in here, along with Samhain and All Saints' Day. All Saints' Day stands for the commemoration of the saints who in turn have reached a perfect state, one could also speak of those who have fully manifested the Christ consciousness (Christ consciousness = high-frequency/lightful 5D state of consciousness - in itself a very significant festival in terms of symbolism). Samhain essentially stands for the final end of summer and the beginning of the "dark time". It is also about the recollection of our deeply hidden potential and, apart from that, also about a gate to a new level of consciousness, which was opened especially on this night. In this regard, I also quote a section from the Facebook group “Living and teaching shamanism"

“Halloween, or Samhain as the Celts call it, is celebrated on the night of October 31st to November 1st. The church later celebrated the day, but actually it's about the night. At this point, summer is really over. The days are significantly shorter, the dark time demands your space. Darkness is often associated with primal femininity. In this darkness lies our power and also our potential. But it is also the potential that scares us. On Halloween we commemorate the ancestors. And we suspect that their forces are also invested in us. During this night we can retrieve parts of ourselves that we have lost (known in shamanism as soul part retrieval) in order to become whole again. Do you sometimes look longingly at others who can obviously do so much more than you? Then you see your light shadow. The longing is an indication that this potential also rests within you. But if you would live it, the world you have known so far would no longer exist, you would blow it up. And with it your limits.

The Halloween night invites you to deep transformation. Are you ready to really meet yourself, with all your possibilities? You can also consciously invite light ancestors on this night. These are people who have redeemed exactly what is at stake for you now. Maybe you only know them from books or your dreams. Maybe they aren't even alive anymore. But they all left an energetic footprint that you can follow. Today is a good night for all oracle techniques. Make a note of all the clues, because for the Celts the new year began on the first of November. So tonight you get a preview of what the next 12 months will bring you.

I always draw my annual rune during this time. Maybe you feel like doing a ritual for you and your ancestors tonight. Invite her. You may also get messages. They will reach you if you are open to it. In any case, I wish you the best of luck over the bridge to the new era. Don't let the guardians fool you, it's just parts of your ego showing up like this. With gratitude and love they let you pass. Be curious what you find. I am too."

With this in mind, everyone have a relaxed All Saints' Day and enjoy the November quality that has now begun. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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