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With today's daily energy on March 01, 2023, the first day of the first spring month of March reaches us, which means that a new energy quality will reach us accordingly. Like no other month, March stands for new beginnings, renewal, change, growth, the beginning of blossoming and, above all, for the return of life. Appropriately, it will also reach us in March the real one New Year's begins, to be precise even on March 21st, i.e. on the day of the spring equinox, which completely ushers in the new year.

energy of new beginnings

energy of new beginningsOn the other hand, on this highly magical day, the sun also changes from the zodiac sign Pisces to the zodiac sign Aries, which once again clarifies the beginning of the New Year. The sun leaves the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac and then moves directly into the first sign, Aries, which stands for a new beginning. March therefore always stands for the end of an old cycle and also for the transition to a new cycle. On the other hand, March marks the beginning of awakening within nature. A special activation takes place, i.e. all animals, plants, trees or flora and fauna adjust energetically to the beginning of a new natural cycle. The dark and, above all, cool weeks and days are over and we are experiencing steady increases in temperature. This is exactly how we will now slowly but surely see a blossoming within nature. Young plants emerge and nature begins to become much more active. Ultimately, we can transfer this cycle 1:1 to ourselves. While retreat and a quiet processing of old/karmic patterns are in the foreground during the dark winter days, a new energy of momentum and liveliness moves into our lives beginning in March. Ultimately, therefore, March is a very special month, for in general it heralds a great new beginning for all of us, through which we could awaken a new mental state, free from limitations. Well then, apart from these influences, further astrological constellations will reach us in March, which in turn will have a significant influence.

Mercury changes to the zodiac sign Pisces

At the beginning, on March 02nd, 2023, direct Mercury, i.e. the planet of communication and knowledge, changes to the dreamy zodiac sign Pisces. This marks the beginning of a time of intuition and creative thinking. During this time, for example, we can experience a higher sensitivity to the emotions of others, i.e. our empathy is much more pronounced and wants to be expressed in different ways. On the other hand, this constellation could make us extremely creative and live out our spiritual connection. Due to the Pisces quality, which always refers to the inside and likes to cover things up, we could also tend to keep deep feelings or even longings hidden.

Saturn moves to Pisces

On March 07th, ie a few hours before the full moon, the change from Saturn from the zodiac sign Aquarius to the zodiac sign Pisces takes place. This constellation represents an extremely significant constellation, which in turn will have a strong influence on our own personal issues. Saturn is always in a zodiac sign for 2-3 years before moving back into a new zodiac sign. In Aquarius, in which Saturn was last anchored, our personal freedom and all the chains that came with it were in the foreground. It was about our personal freedom and above all about the issues through which we lived out a state that in turn was permeated by bondage. Saturn itself, who ultimately stands for consistency, discipline and responsibility and is also often referred to as a strict teacher, ensures in the Pisces zodiac sign that we should find and develop our personal vocation. In particular, the life of our spiritual side is in the foreground here. It is therefore about the development of our spiritual and sensitive side instead of pursuing a contrary life. In the same way, the healing of our hidden parts will be in the foreground. As the twelfth and last character, this combination can also be seen as the final test. As such, we are entering a final phase of mastering or clearing our karmic patterns, repetitive loops, and deep shadows once and for all. Because of this, we will be going through great trials at this time, a time that will be easier the more we heal or have healed these issues. It is therefore about the manifestation of a great conclusion and also about the development of our sensitive side.

Virgo Full Moon & Pisces Sun

Virgo Full Moon and Pisces SunOn March 07th, a powerful full moon will reach us in the zodiac sign Virgo, which in turn will be opposite the Pisces sun. This full moon prompts us very strongly to go into a state of grounding or even to complete corresponding structures. It is also about the manifestation of a regulated or rather healthy structure in life. With the Virgo zodiac sign, the manifestation of structure, order and health is always in the foreground. Because of the Pisces Sun, this day and days around will be about illuminating and questioning our lifestyle. To what extent do we live our spiritual or sensitive side, for example, and do we manage to harmonize this important aspect of our being with a healthy life structure? The harmony of our actions with our soul side will be strongly illuminated by this combination.

Venus changes to Taurus

On March 16, Venus, which is still direct, changes to the zodiac sign Taurus. As a result, a time will dawn when we can indulge in pleasure much more easily and generally begin to enjoy various life structures. Instead of not appreciating the essentials, for example our own everyday life, the family, our own home, we could feel more comfortable in our own environment and also devote ourselves completely to it. On the other hand, during this time, especially in relation to partnerships and interpersonal relationships, it is about loyalty, firmness and reliability. We are firmly anchored in our own hearts and we value our connections.

Mercury changes to the zodiac sign Aries

Only a few or three days later, direct Mercury changes to the zodiac sign Aries. This allows us to be much more direct in our communication or in our entire expression and to step forward. Instead of making ourselves small or even hiding, we express our inner world and can take off full of vigour. On the other hand, this time is ideal for manifesting new beginnings. We could also create new circumstances through discussions and eliminate old grievances or rather misunderstandings. The new wants to be experienced through our senses.

Sun moves into Aries - vernal equinox

Sun moves to Aries

On March 20th the time has come and one of the biggest festivals of the year reaches us. So on this day the highly magical spring equinox reaches us and, with it, the astrological, or rather true, beginning of the New Year. Spring is activated in the depths and with the change of the sun into the zodiac sign Aries, everything is completely designed for a new beginning. It is a time when we can take off full of vigor and want to experience upswing on all levels of existence. From this point on we can see this principle or this energy everywhere and it will truly go completely forward. Because of the Aries zodiac sign, we can also speak of the activation of our inner fire, which is initiated by the first solar festival of the year. Exactly on this day one also speaks of the return of the light, because on the day of the spring equinox it happens that the days become longer again and thus more brightness draws the days.

Renewing New Moon in Aries & Sun in Aries

Exactly one day later, i.e. on March 21, 2023, an extremely refreshing new moon in the zodiac sign Aries will reach us. Through this new moon we are truly drawn into the new beginning. Shortly after the vernal equinox, the Sun and Moon are in Aries. On this day and also around these days, EVERYTHING is designed for the complete activation of our inner fire and the associated initiation of a new personal beginning. A very strong upswing will therefore flow into our energy system, one could also speak of a deep activation of our energy system, through which we will be lifted to a new level of our self-empowerment and self-development. In fact, it is actually the strongest upswing energy of the entire year that will reach us on this day. A perfect time to lay the foundation for a new life.

Pluto moves into Aquarius

Exactly two days later, i.e. on March 23, 2023, another very formative and, above all, highly transformative constellation will reach us. After a decade and a half, Pluto will change to the zodiac sign Aquarius and will accordingly introduce completely new structures into the change. Admittedly, in the following year Pluto will switch back and forth between Aquarius and Capricorn, but we will still feel the influence of the Aquarian energy strongly. As I said, Pluto is always accompanied by a large and, above all, deep transformation. In Aquarius, all structures want to be changed, through which a circumstance of bondage is lived out. This constellation can make itself felt, especially on a collective level, and lead us in a freer direction. Accordingly, major changes want to be initiated. The system, which in turn tries to keep the collective mind under control, will be exposed to the strong urge for freedom of the human collective at this time and there will certainly be strong conflicts in this regard. It's all about the liberation of our self-imposed chains and also about breaking out of the sham system.

Mars moves to Cancer

Finally, on March 25th, Mars will move into Cancer. Mars, which on the one hand stands for a warlike energy quality, but on the other hand also for a implementing or forward-going energy quality, always wants us to move forward with strong will in the respective topics. In the emotional, domestic and family-oriented sign of Cancer, we could use it more to strengthen our family situation. Instead of sabotaging relationships or even acting out a situation in which we allow ourselves to be kept small, the focus is on emotional assertion and strengthening our connections. On the other hand, it will be important to keep a cool head during this time, because conflicting situations are particularly favored in Mars. You tend to be impulsive. It is therefore important not to direct this assertive fire against one's own interpersonal connections, but rather to use it to consolidate corresponding situations. This will be an exciting time.


Ultimately, countless special astrological positions and constellations will reach us again in March, which will give the month of new beginnings a special energy quality. Nevertheless, the activation of our inner fire and above all the manifestation of a new life circumstance will be in the foreground. In fact, this will actually be the core of March 2023, everything is completely geared towards new beginnings. And as the year of Mars also arrives on March 20th, our inner fire will be fully ignited. A phase of manifestation begins. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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