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Today's daily energy on July 01, 2021 is ushered in by the beginning of a new quality of energy based on the frequency influences of July. The month of July essentially stands for abundance or, as one can also describe it as maximum abundance, and shows us the principle of maximum blooming, especially based on nature. Some fruits in nature (various berries or even cherries) have matured can now be harvested, just as we can harvest the fruits of our own work or rather the fruits of our high self-image on countless levels of existence, which the collective or which very many of us have developed over the years.

The energy of July

JulyAs it happens in our inner world, so it happens in the outer world and vice versa. A universal law that comes into play especially in July and allows us to feel our power of manifestation more intensely. Added to this are high temperatures, lots of sun (even if the current days are rather rainy, but that will change) and an abundant nature that shines with life and encourages us to do the same. Magic moments are also very pronounced in the summer months and therefore especially in July, for example evening fireflies, which I can see in abundance during the sunset in the surrounding forest even at this time of the year (Basically, nature is also full of nature spirits, hidden beings and mythical creatures that elude many because of their high frequency, but show their presence in the form of fireflies). On the other hand, July is also initiated by a special change of zodiac sign, so the moon changed at 03:25 a.m. to the zodiac sign Aries, which initiated the new zodiac sign rhythm (previously it was the zodiac sign Pisces). The fire element, which replaced the water element, therefore introduces the second summer month and fundamentally determines the quality of this month. In this context, the quality of the food is therefore also (because of the fire sign) with fruits, it couldn't be more appropriate.

Maximum fullness

Well, after the very knowledgeable June, which by the way was very important for our inner transformation (which you felt particularly strongly around the summer solstice – even this month, without any compulsion, i.e. completely automatically, I worked very hard on my self-image and e.g. more sport than ever before, run every evening + strength training every morning - without exception, which has truly worked wonders in my spirit - self-control - inner strength - more willpower - better self-image - more self-love = more abundance that we experience on the outside /put on), we are now experiencing the energy of a very special month, which, thanks to the introductory sign of Aries, can really mark a great new beginning, accompanied by new structures of abundance. And ultimately, this is also a condition/circumstance that we are all entitled to. Each of us deserves to experience total uniqueness, divinity, love and abundance to the fullest extent possible. As the creator/source himself, these are fundamental aspects to which we are all entitled and which we can unfold more easily than ever, especially in the current days. The world is currently changing at the greatest possible pace and if you continue to be open to it, if you accept this high frequency instead of mentally devoting yourself to the dark or even the system, you can currently achieve gigantic successes or moments of healing, perfection and abundance. make it a reality. Your mind shapes reality, never forget that. Well then, finally, I would like to refer to an article from the site suitable for July heartconfidence.de reference describing the energy of the month:

“July heralds the second half of the year and summer is picking up speed. Considered numerologically (according to the Hebrew alphabet), July has the numerical value 38. The number 38 is first of all an active and dynamic number. Everything urges development. Here, too, nature is our role model. Nature is in top form... everything is full of power and therefore in full bloom; the grain ripens, water lilies open their beautiful blossoms. You show what you have to offer. For us, too, it is a month that has a positive effect on further development in terms of energies, but at the same time - due to summery temperatures - calls for peace and comfort. This is about a harmonious interplay of activity and passivity/breaks. Enjoy what has grown and matured thus far.”

With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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