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Today's daily energy on July 01st, 2019 is characterized by very special influences, to be precise by very strong upswing energies, because the past energy peaks or the strong collective energy (further strong expansion of the collective consciousness) of the past days and weeks now in the beginning of an absolute abundance month. In this context, there is also a real upswing mood and the beginning of July is therefore perfect for completely new structures to become manifest.

Use the upswing of the summer

As I said, the summer (Summer = fullness - everything blooms, matures, shines) is here now and will, especially due to the strong collective energy/magic (which is tremendous this year - can't be compared with anything), be very strongly transferrable to us humans (as I not only experience it myself, but was also able to observe it very strongly on the outside - the seasons are more transferrable to us this year than ever before - which can be attributed to various factors - extremely strong basic frequency - more people who have found their origin, etc.). In June, therefore, the collective process, 100%, will reach a completely new dimension and make us experience incredible conditions/circumstances, it can't be otherwise, it's inevitable, the time is really designed for it. However, the current Abundance Energy, the prevailing fundamental frequency is catapulting us into 5D. The special magic of June will therefore be continued and intensified again. We can therefore look forward to a very special month. In this context, I also quote a section from the page Herzvertraun.de:

“July heralds the second half of the year and summer is picking up speed. Considered numerologically (according to the Hebrew alphabet), July has the numerical value 38. The number 38 is first of all an active and dynamic number. Everything urges development. Here, too, nature is our role model. Nature is in top form... everything is full of power and therefore in full bloom; the grain ripens, water lilies open their beautiful blossoms. You show what you have to offer. For us, too, it is a month that has a positive effect on further development in terms of energies, but at the same time - due to summery temperatures - calls for peace and comfort. This is about a harmonious interplay of activity and passivity/breaks. Enjoy what has grown and matured so far.”

Ultimately, therefore, a month awaits us in which our self-love and also our self-realization (let our origin become manifest - living conditions, based on abundance, on love) will reach a new “peak”. Oh friends, it will truly be incredible, I feel it with every cell in my body, I feel it very strongly, in the depths of my being. So let's assume and fully utilize the July quantum jump. If we are open NOW and engage with the special basic frequency, if we now feel the ascension into 5D within us instead of focusing on lack, then the incredible will become manifest, it is then, as already mentioned, inevitable. Well then, last but not least, I would like to draw attention to a new concern on my part, namely support for my blog. In this regard, I have now created a page on Steady where you can support me and Everything is Energy on a monthly basis. In return, Everything is Energy will soon become completely ad-free (no more advertisements, a fact that I have wanted to realize for a long time). In addition, I will regularly create informative audio podcasts there on current cosmic events and other exciting topics (will be really exciting ❤). In this sense, I would be very happy about a visit and also about your support. With this you help me immensely and are directly involved in the expansion of everything is energy and above all in the manifestation of the associated visions (Initiating a golden age together - making yourself independent - developing/discovering new technologies - changing the world/enlightenment/networking). In this sense, Click here to go to my Steady page. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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