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Today's daily energy on July 01st, 2018 is still accompanied by the influences of the "Aquarius Moon", which is why, on the one hand, brotherhood, social issues and entertainment can be in the foreground, but on the other hand, self-responsibility and a desire for freedom can also be in the foreground is present. The urge for freedom in particular plays a very important role and can lead to some major changes.

According to us before influences of the Aquarius Moon

According to us before influences of the Aquarius MoonIn this context, this manifestation of freedom also refers to a state of consciousness in which no heaviness but lightness is manifest. This lightness is achieved by beginning to accept our state of being or our entire life as it is, with all its bright and shadowy moments. Of course, countless other aspects/factors also come into play here, such as liberation from various dependencies and other mental patterns, which in turn keep us trapped in self-imposed vicious cycles. For this reason, we can also ensure more “feelings of freedom” by changing our own lifestyle, at least if it is counterproductive in nature, provided this lifestyle is not accompanied by too much coercion. Nevertheless, a corresponding change can be very inspiring. Even small things or changes in life can provide more freedom. For example, I always have phases in which I go running. On the other hand, I then fall into phases in which my own sporting activity stagnates. If this stagnation lasts for too long, then over time it will take a toll on my psyche (at this point I should say that this is just my personal experience) and I will no longer feel very healthy and therefore not very healthy anymore free. Recently I found myself in such a phase again, meaning I only went running very rarely.

Like everything in life, freedom, due to our spiritual origins, represents a state of consciousness that simply needs to be manifested again. Of course, this is hardly possible in certain life situations, for example people in war zones can hardly feel free, i.e. the precarious circumstance prevents the manifestation of a corresponding state of consciousness, but we can usually always manifest a corresponding state of consciousness simply through changes within our everyday lives let it be..!!

But now the whole thing has suddenly changed again and I'm going running every day again. These are no longer short units, but rather long “running units” combined with 2-3 sprints. Since I've been doing this again, I've felt much freer mentally and, as a result, stronger.

Today's star constellations

daily energyUltimately, the feeling after such a sporting activity is extremely pleasant. You rest, you are proud of yourself, you feel that your body is becoming more efficient (in the long term), you know that all your cells are being supplied with more oxygen and overall you simply experience a more pronounced attitude to life. Of course, this doesn't necessarily have to be liberating for everyone, i.e. there are certainly people for whom it would be torture to go running even after months, not because their performance wouldn't improve, but because it simply doesn't suit them. Ultimately, every person has to find out for themselves what is good for them and what is not, what helps them to have more freedom and what stands in their way. We humans are all completely individual, create our own reality, i.e. our own inner truth and also our completely individual feelings, which is why there are also completely individual options and approaches to solutions. Well, because of the Aquarius Moon, we could definitely discover some of these possibilities and potentially provide more freedom as a result.

Problems can never be solved with the same mindset that created them. - Albert Einstein..!!

As far as today is concerned, it should also be said that apart from the “Aquarius Moon”, we also have two different star constellations. On the one hand, at 01:09 a.m. a conjunction between the Moon and Mars, which could make us easily irritable, boastful, but also passionate, especially at night, and on the other hand, at 10:02 a square between the Moon and Jupiter takes effect, which makes us extravagances and could be prone to waste. Nevertheless, the influences of the “Aquarius Moon” predominate, which is why freedom, brotherhood and social issues can be in the foreground. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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Moon Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Juli/1

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