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With today's daily energy on January 01, 2023, the new year will be introduced, at least the official new year, because as in my latest video addressed, the new year itself is always initiated on March 21st, i.e. the time when the vernal equinox takes place, winter is completely ended, we enter the energy of flourishing and parallel to this, the zodiac sign cycle with the change of the sun into the zodiac sign Aries (previously fish), starts again. Nevertheless, we are now experiencing the official New Year and this is accompanied by different energy qualities.


2023On the one hand, it should be said at this point that, of course, regardless of the actual beginning of the New Year, the entire collective is ready for a new year. Even if we are still in deep winter and the rough nights that go with it and accordingly a circumstance of retreat and reflection is in the foreground, we will all feel the strong forward energy. As I said, the entire collective is in an energy of upswing, new beginnings and new resolutions and this bundled collective energy is so strong that it will make itself felt within our own field. Ultimately, this is a fundamental quality that reaches us all. On the other hand, the year 2023 is in the sign of Mars. Until March 21st the months are still in the sign of Jupiter, which emphasizes expansion and abundance or the creation of a basis which in turn will favor corresponding values ​​in the times to come, but from then on the new ruler of the year will be Mars. From this point in time, the year 2023 will be characterized by a strong driving force. Mars is also the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Aries. In the coming year it will be about the strong manifestation of own projects. We ourselves should learn to assert ourselves, to implement them, to pursue our own ideas and in general the living out of our inner fire is in the foreground. On the other hand, Mars also stands for the war planet. However, that does not necessarily mean that wars are coming, but much more that we are winning internal wars and that a mode of strength and implementation is also anchored. We can learn to stand up for our own needs instead of allowing ourselves to be defeated again and again. In essence, however, one can say that a pure year of fire is ahead of us.

Venus in the zodiac sign Aquarius

Venus in the zodiac sign AquariusWell, to then illuminate January directly, the month will also be accompanied by new constellations. It starts with the direct Venus, which changes to the zodiac sign Aquarius on January 03rd and will bring us a new energy quality accordingly. With the Aquarius zodiac sign, a time begins in which within our interpersonal and partnership connections or love, freedom will be completely in the foreground. It is about a state of inner independence, in which we release all shackles ourselves or rather pursue our connections completely detached. In particular, the connection to ourselves is in the foreground. Without limitations and blockages, a free love for ourselves wants to manifest itself. Individuality and accessibility want to be lived.

Full Moon in Cancer

On January 07th, a powerful full moon in Cancer will reach us, which will then face the sun in Capricorn. Accordingly, we can experience an extremely sensitive emotional life on this day. The crab moon is generally associated with a sensitive and, above all, family-oriented emotional world. The energy to see our loved ones can become manifest within ourselves. Empathy or compassion will be very much in the foreground. Perhaps the Cancer full moon will also show us circumstances in which we have managed to change an associated situation. This is exactly how our own emotional world can be strongly illuminated. For example, where are there still unfulfilled connections within our family existence. What entanglements are there and how can they be brought into love and harmony. Thanks to the terrestrial solar energy (Capricorn) we could approach a corresponding situation rationally or rather carefully. With the help of our analytical skills, the corresponding circumstances can be examined in detail. solutions are seen.

Mars becomes direct

Then, on January 12th, Mars in Gemini becomes direct again. From this point on, we slowly but surely gain strong forward energy, in which we gain assertiveness and, above all, can make decisions more easily. In particular, the airy Gemini zodiac sign tends to fall into extremes or not be able to decide at all. With its coming directness, this quality of energy is canceled and we can increasingly find our own center. Instead of remaining in a standstill, it is important to regain lightness, airiness and a sociable or light state. A strong energy of implementation then becomes manifest.

Mercury goes direct

Mercury goes directSix days later, i.e. on January 18, Mercury in Capricorn will slowly but surely become direct again. From this point on, many new ways of communication can open up. Just like that, a time arrives when it is wise to make important decisions, sign contracts and implement plans, especially plans that involve changing existing dogmatic structures and systems. With calm, thoughtfulness and grounding, we can bring a lot of firmness and calm into our living conditions, especially due to the Capricorn sign that goes with it.

Sun moves to Aquarius

Then on January 20th a big change takes place, because the sun changes into the zodiac sign Aquarius. Thus the Aquarius time begins, i.e. the deep winter, in which our essence is illuminated in this regard. The focus will be on the manifestation of a state in which we would like to experience freedom, independence, limitlessness and a certain detachment. Any bondages on our part come to light and we are allowed to look at aspects of ourselves in which we hold ourselves severely limited. On the other hand, it is also about the development of our individual expression, about the questioning of existing systems of domination and also about the manifestation of our own individuality.

New moon in Aquarius

Exactly one day later, i.e. on January 21st, a renewed new moon will reach us in the zodiac sign Aquarius. The energy of the new moon will go hand in hand with an inner new beginning, i.e. above all with the creation of an inner space in which we can manifest more freedom and limitlessness. It's about overcoming the old and also about creating an emotional state based on independence. The moon itself, which also stands for the hidden, can then show us our entangled themes and emotional worlds, especially in combination with the Aquarius sun. Where do we still limit ourselves and which feelings do we let dominate or rob us of our own freedom? The manifestation of a liberated or freedom-based emotional world will be in the foreground.

Uranus becomes direct

Exactly one day later, on January 22nd, Uranus slowly becomes direct again. The directness of the ruling planet of Aquarius ensures that we break through earthly boundaries and want to let our own spirit expand in a new direction. It is about the manifestation of our individual freedom, about creating a lot of freedom, about personal innovations and also about the renewal of our own system. Great changes can also be experienced in its directness. We are revolutionary and do not shy away from change. Also viewed collectively, the direct Uranus will prepare us for the abolition of existing illusory structures.

Venus changes to the zodiac sign Pisces

Venus changes to the zodiac sign PiscesFinally, on January 27th, Venus will move into the zodiac sign Pisces. The Pisces sign, associated with a lot of sensitivity and dreaminess, wants to experience romance, deep sensory experiences and connection in love. From then on we could generally indulge in the supernatural and feel a strong urge towards the spiritual. Our love shifts to the extraordinary. This is exactly how we could feel the depth within our interpersonal and partnership connections in this constellation. The Pisces zodiac sign in particular is always about withdrawal or the depth of our being. In the seclusion and in an inwardly very connected state, we can fathom our inner desires and longings. For this reason, a longing for a fulfilled love can also be in the foreground, which essentially goes hand in hand with the fulfilled love for ourselves. The feeling of being one with the divine network or rather with the original source in the world and with ourselves can be very present.

Portal days in 2023

Well then, independent of all the constellations, we also get various portal days. In January there are two, to be precise on January 12th and 14th. Only in the coming months will we receive more portal days. Especially in summer there will be a lot. In January it is therefore still time to recharge your batteries in peace, in keeping with the rough nights. So let's celebrate the beginning of January and welcome the second month of winter. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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