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Today's daily energy on January 01st, 2022 is mainly shaped by the special New Year's influences. This transition has now introduced a completely new energy quality, which in turn will take place until March 20th/21st, i.e. until the day on which the astrological beginning of the year takes place, accompanied by the change of the ruling planet Saturn to Jupiter, which brings abundance, harmony and happiness.

The third year of the golden decade

The third year of the golden decadeSo now a new and, above all, energetically significant year begins, namely the third year of the golden decade, in which we will experience how the old system will dismantle more than ever and, as a result, humanity will experience even more revelation. In this context, the system will try more than ever to put people under pressure or drive them into a corner, i.e. it will certainly become even darker, especially by March. The contradictions will become even more obvious and the covers will fall more than ever. The revelation within the end times will take its course and accordingly we will experience a lot of progress. The complete end of the Old World is closer than ever, and in 2022 that will expand in massive ways. Of course, the division will also reach its climax. Exactly the same goes for the final division of the people who completely and finally decide for the new world and the people who, through the injection, decide for the old world, i.e. for decay. This process will finalize in 2022 and its impact will be felt in all areas around the world.

Complete ascension of one's own spirit 

Complete ascension of one's own spiritIn exactly the same way, a blackout or even an economic crash is possible. The same applies to a general collapse, because “smurfing” in particular promotes the coming failure of entire sectors, which at the same time promotes the disintegration of the old world. Ultimately, for this reason, the divine plan or the all-encompassing ascension plan will continue to take place. At this point I can only emphasize again and again that you should not allow yourself to be captivated by the system's measures and attempts at intimidation. The dark or the system lives from the fact that we dedicate our own minds to them, that is, that we focus on their information, that we let ourselves be put into their fear, that we become angry, etc. But only then does the system become come to an end when we completely drain it of its energy and we focus our minds on love, trust and holiness/divinity (Be the change you want for this world). And that's exactly what 2022 will be about, i.e. that we learn to stay rooted in calm. In the same way, we are also asked to devote ourselves even more to our sacred self or to generally learn to develop the sacred self. The ascension of our spirit towards maximum divinity is a top priority and will affect us all more than ever. Well, in keeping with 2022, I would like another special section from the site transinformation.net quote:

“The year “2022” will reveal truths that will astonish many. It is the year of the BIG REVEAL. Humanity will experience both personal and collective revelations that will change how they think, feel and behave. Some individuals who have risen to high levels of spiritual consciousness will receive further revelation messages about how to proceed throughout the year. However, each of us needs some aspect of healing and stabilization - small or large - to navigate the future timeline "2022" and beyond as the "tug of war" continues. The best thing to do is to prepare for messages of truth that will emerge and make decisions accordingly.

Expect these things to take center stage during the current “tug of war.” Anchoring in the LIGHT will be crucial! Pluto is now in Capricorn (tropical zodiac) and Sagittarius (sidereal zodiac). Sagittarius rules Higher Knowledge, foreign affairs, issues of justice, long-distance travel (literally and spiritually), and foresight - Plutonian changes are taking place in all of these areas. Uranus, the planet of revolution, upheaval and sudden surprising events, will be in Taurus (tropical zodiac) until April 2026. Taurus rules material matters, finances, love, strength, loyalty and sometimes unwise possessiveness. It belongs to the earth element. There will likely be changes in world currency and banking, and strong earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will alter land masses. The earthquakes and volcanic upheavals that have already taken place and continue to take place are preludes to the coming great “premiere” of a new Earth.”

Ultimately, we are now approaching another special year and the acceleration will continue to increase. 2022 will be extremely transformative, changing, life-changing, highly magical, but also massively revolutionary. In line with this, we are receiving a lot of portal days again:

January 2022

  • Monday, January 24th
  • Tuesday, January 25th
  • Wednesday January 26th
  • Thursday January 27th
  • Friday January 28th
  • Saturday January 29th
  • Sunday January 30st
  • Monday, January 31th

February 2022

  • Saturday, February 12
  • Tuesday February 15
  • Sunday February 20th
  • Wednesday, February 23rd

March 2022

  • Thursday, March 3th
  • Tuesday, March 8th
  • Friday March 11th
  • Wednesday March 16th
  • Tuesday, March 22th
  • Tuesday, March 29th
  • Wednesday March 30th

 April 2022

  • Wednesday April 6th
  • Sunday April 10th
  • Wednesday April 27th
  • Friday April 29th

May 2022

  • Wednesday May 18th
  • Thursday May 19th

 June 2022

  • Tuesday 7 June
  • Thursday June 9th
  • Sunday June 26th
  • Thursday June 30th

July 2022

  • Thursday, 7. July
  • Friday, 8. July
  • Friday, 15. July
  • Thursday July 21st
  • Tuesday July 26th
  • Friday, 29. July

 August 2022

  • Wednesday 3 August
  • Thursday, August 11th
  • Sunday 14rd August
  • Friday 19nd August
  • Monday 22 August

 September 2022

  • Thursday, September 1th
  • Friday 2th September
  • Saturday, September 3st
  • Sunday September 4th
  • Monday September 5th
  • Tuesday, September 6
  • Wednesday September 7th
  • Thursday, September 8th
  • Friday 9th September
  • Saturday, September 10st

 October 2022

  • Tuesday October 11th
  • Wednesday October 12th
  • Thursday 13 October
  • Friday October 14
  • Saturday October 15th
  • Sunday October 16th
  • Monday, October 17th
  • Tuesday, 18. October
  • Wednesday October 19th
  • Thursday 20 October
  • Thursday 30 October

November 2022

  • Wed. 2 November
  • Monday, November 7th
  • Thu. 10 November
  • Fri. 18 November
  • Wed. 23 November
  • Sat. 26 November

 December 2022

  • Thursday December 1th

  • Wednesday December 7th

  • Wednesday December 14th

  • Thursday, December 15th

  • Thursday December 22th

  • Monday, December 26th

With that in mind, dear ones, I wish you all a happy new year and, above all, a relaxed New Year's celebration. Enjoy the special energies that the third year of the golden decade has begun. 🙂

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