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With today's daily energy on December 01st, 2022, we are now reaching the influences of the first month of winter, which is also the last month of this year. For this reason, a completely new quality of energy will now reach us again, which is essentially more withdrawing and, above all, quiet in nature. Sometimes this may sound contrary to what we do are used to in the relevant Matrix everyday life, because especially in December there are many errands and, above all, hectic preparations for Christmas, but December is generally the month of silence.

The first month of winter

daily energyIt will be until the winter solstice (on December 21nd) continue to get darker earlier, the leaves are now falling completely from the trees, nature is withdrawing accordingly and calm is generally returning to the cooler landscape images. Accordingly, December is also the perfect time to retire yourself or, above all, to review the past few months. We can surrender to the quiet, reflect strongly on our own being and draw strength from this seclusion and silence. On the other hand, we also get Christmas Eve, a festival that is essentially associated with incredible magic. So the festival not only carries the vibration "holy" and is called up inwardly or mentally by a part of the collective in this respect, but in addition these holidays always go hand in hand with the greatest moments of rest of the year. As I said, especially on these days, nature and animals feel the contemplation and carelessness of people (Of course, not everyone is like that, but most families are anchored in this energy on Christmas Eve), which is why a walk through nature (on this day) goes hand in hand with such an extremely strong magic and tranquility that I myself truly only experience on this day of the year.

Neptune becomes direct

Neptune becomes directWell, all in all, of course, all sorts of different astrological changes are taking place this month. On the one hand, on December 04th, Neptune in the zodiac sign Pisces becomes direct (it has been declining since June 28th), which not only allows us to show ourselves more strongly on the outside, but we can also experience a stronger drive in our own spiritual development. We receive corresponding inspirations that allow us to progress in our own development. We can also open our hearts more through the direct Neptune and develop a more empathetic state. The planet of wisdom, which also matches the zodiac sign Pisces (Neptune is its ruling planet) likes to keep things in disguise and favors a tendency to illusion-like entanglements, can therefore lift our own veils in its direct phase and, due to the Pisces zodiac sign, make us very receptive to spiritual impulses and self-knowledge.

Mercury moves to Capricorn

On December 06th, the currently direct planet of communication and sensory impressions Mercury will change to the zodiac sign Capricorn. This greatly changes its influence on our actions and, above all, on our expression. From a communicative point of view, we can be much more grounded and approach certain circumstances more rationally. We could also feel a penchant for disciplined thinking and acting. Due to this constellation, we can also bring order into interpersonal connections. Our voice wants to be used for diplomatic, safe and calm debates. Grounded reflections on life itself are made possible.

Full moon in Gemini zodiac sign

Full moon in Gemini zodiac signDirectly two days later, on December 08th to be precise, a full moon in the zodiac sign Gemini arrives. With this full moon in the air element, our spiritual existence is strongly addressed and many important things can reveal themselves on a communicative level. It is particularly about the manifestation or living out of an inner state, which in turn is based on lightness. Instead of hiding, making ourselves small or even allowing ourselves to be restricted, we can become clear about how we can cleanse or facilitate our own energy system accordingly, in order to be able to allow significantly more lightness and abundance to move into our inner space . Ultimately, the Gemini full moon will therefore show us our inner aspects very strongly and thereby reveal ways in which we can heal our inner problem issues, so that we can subsequently rise up into the air again, in line with the air element. We will also be able to relieve ourselves energetically around these days, for example through intensive discussions and special conversations.

Venus moves to Capricorn

On December 10th direct Venus changes to the zodiac sign Capricorn. Thus we can experience a lot of security within interpersonal relationships, partnerships, but also in the relationship to ourselves. The earthy sign, which generally likes to be associated with conservative, stable and grounded qualities, in this connection can also strengthen in us the desire for a partnership based on security. In the end, it's basically about preserving our connections, along with the focus on security and stability in relation to all connections. And since Venus is direct, we can make a lot of progress, or rather experience a corresponding stable circumstance, in that regard.

Jupiter moves to Aries

Exactly ten days later, i.e. on December 20th, direct Jupiter changes to Aries. The planet of happiness, abundance and expansion in combination with the sign of Aries represents an extremely powerful combination. In this way we can get a strong boost in the area of ​​self-realization and work with ease on the manifestation of new projects and plans. The sign of Aries itself, which marks the beginning as the first sign in the zodiac sign cycle, can therefore make us progress very strongly from this point in time. A lot will succeed and we can put countless new projects into practice. And if we follow this powerful fire energy, then our energy will completely thrive on a new ground.

Winter Solstice (Yule)

Winter solsticeExactly one day later, i.e. on December 21st, one of the four annual sun festivals will reach us. Highly magical energies will flow towards us with the Yule Festival, for this day marks a great turning point within nature. On this day we experience the longest night and the shortest day. In the following days, the days will slowly but surely become longer again and nature will experience a corresponding activation in its own cycle, which will then take place until the spring equinox. Ultimately, therefore, the Sun Festival represents a special turning point that will also address our own origins in the deep. In this context, we ourselves are also closely connected to the moon, the sun, the planets and also to the cycles of nature, yes, we are even in direct interaction with these cycles. For this reason, we ourselves will also experience a powerful inner activation, which will then lead us directly into "Christmas Eve". The change is also initiated with the sun, which in turn changes into the zodiac sign Capricorn and thus also initiates the next zodiac period (the earthy parts within our essence are addressed).

Chiron becomes direct

On December 23rd, i.e. one day before Christmas, Chiron in the zodiac sign Aries will be direct again (Chiron has been in decline since July 19th). Chiron himself always goes hand in hand with our inner emotional wounds, our injured parts, traumata and profound problems. Accordingly, in the declining phase, countless of our inner issues could be addressed. Due to the Aries zodiac sign, injuries in particular were in the foreground, which in turn were accompanied by depressed energies or the lack of ability to assert oneself, to be able to act and to implement. With its directness, a phase is then initiated in which we are much more likely to implement. Those who were able to heal their mental wounds strongly during this period could also experience a very strong mental upswing during this phase.

New moon in Capricorn

On the very same day, a highly transformative New Moon arrives in Capricorn. Strong energies of grounding and stability then become active, because at this time the sun is also in the zodiac sign Capricorn. The sun, which in turn represents our essence, and the moon, which in turn stands for our emotional life, exert an extremely ordering and stability-promoting energy on us. We can experience a lot of grounding within ourselves and renew ourselves, especially by becoming aware of the extent to which we could manifest stability and grounding in our lives. In these days everything will therefore be designed for our inner stability.

Mercury goes retrograde

Finally, on December 29th, Mercury will turn retrograde. The bearish phase will continue through January 18th, providing us with a quality of energy that makes us more likely to avoid making important decisions. And since Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, it is also about questioning existing structures and thinking about how it is possible to break out of old prisons in order to be able to remove all limitations. In general, the questioning of the existing sham system will come to the fore, a circumstance that can show the collective a new direction.

daily energyPortal Days in December

Last but not least, I would like to refer to the portal days, which will again reach us this December. The first portal day takes place today, which gives the beginning of December an extremely magical basic energy and also shows what a transformative month is in store for us. The other portal days will reach us on the following days: On the 07th | 14. | 15. | December 22nd and 26th. Well then, at the end of the day we are facing a special month that will be accompanied by various astrological changes and, above all, highly magical festivals. We can therefore look forward to December, which on the one hand will hold many special moments in store for us and on the other hand will bring us important self-knowledge. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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