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Today's daily energy on December 01st, 2021 takes us directly into a completely new energy quality. With the beginning of December we are now entering a month that, from an energetic point of view, will be accompanied by inner peace, withdrawal and contemplation. The first month of winter generally embodies the energy of “introspection”. The temperatures are decreasing significantly, it is generally getting cooler, there is frost in many areas, the trees are now losing all their leaves and as a result all of nature is set to rest. Accordingly, we can therefore perfectly follow the universal law of Rhythm and vibration adapt and us too focus internally on our inner world. In this context, all potentials, abilities and answers are embedded in our own inner world. Therefore, the more we surrender to ourselves and explore our inner world, especially in meditative states and especially during this cool/dark time of year, the more it can benefit our being. Especially with the currently extremely accelerated processes of change, major inner breakthroughs can be achieved more than ever within our own inner peace.

The last calm before the big storm

The last calm before the big stormAnd we should truly immerse ourselves in such inner peace, because the worsening situation in the world, i.e. the overarching, very intense and, above all, everything-illuminating collective awakening is currently sweeping through the old, fragile 3D world with such enormous intensity that it is truly crumbling on all levels and the truth is that the overarching shadow completely shines through. While the matrix system does this even tougher measures and further restrictions expresses (They have to act this way because of the collective that has become awake, but in doing so they only strengthen the awakening process even more), all processes for completely uninstalling the old world are running at full speed in the background and this fact is visible on so many levels. Even in astrology, constellations are currently being described that, on the one hand, started in November and now in December, want to solve everything in the world or in our inner reality that no longer belongs to us, i.e. all conflicts or life circumstances based on heavy energies. And this process should last until March, or rather, even big things should happen in the world by then. This December truly marks the final calm before a great storm, a storm that will not only completely expose the true face of darkness, but will also make us all become even more truthful. As I said, the overarching goal is to return to our highest holiness-based self, to heal our entire mind/body/soul system and consequently to heal the entire world, because everything is one and one is everything, whoever heals himself heals the world, because you yourself are the world, it is in your own all-encompassing reality embedded.

Total solar eclipse and portal days in December

solar eclipse We can therefore look forward to seeing what special events will come our way. An artificially induced crash, a widespread blackout, even crazier and questionable new laws, just as Arlois Irlmaier predicted for the end times, i.e. such contradictory laws that even sleeping people begin to lose faith in the system. All of these things are possible, or rather they are more likely than ever in the current weeks and months. In the background the great revelation process is already in full swing, it can no longer be stopped, it is only a matter of time until everything is revealed. And until then we can still experience a month that is energetically very calming, but also energetically very magical. As far as this is concerned, we are also receiving some portal days again, namely on the following days: 2. | 5th and from December 15th to 24th 10 portal days in a row. This is exactly how a total solar eclipse will take place on December 04th (New moon day) instead, i.e. a highly energetic and extremely valuable/clarifying event awaits us. This December therefore already carries a highly magical energy quality and will bring days full of impulses and great inner changes. We have a quiet, yet energetically strong month ahead of us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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