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Today's daily energy on December 01st, 2017 is accompanied by the first portal day of this month and therefore gives us a strong energetic start to the month (further portal days reach us on December 6th, 12th, 19th, 20th and December 27st). Due to the portal day, we are receiving a high frequency of circumstances that will certainly make us look inward again. As a rule, portal days also serve our own mental and spiritual development and keep us aware of our own inner life and can subsequently show us our own blockages and other unresolved problems.

The first portal day of this month

The first portal day of this monthFor people who are currently experiencing balance, are happy with themselves and are in the power of their self-love, the portal day could also have a completely opposite effect. On portal days, such people usually experience a boost in energy, feel significantly more dynamic and are able to accomplish a lot of things in their lives again due to their energetic increase, which has an immediate effect. People who experience a certain mental imbalance usually do not manage to increase their frequency immediately, simply because their mental blockages keep the frequency down, which then prevents a drastic increase. In this way, spiritual discrepancies are then transported back into our own daily consciousness and require us to carry out transformation work (redeeming our own shadow parts) in order to dissolve the factors that stand in the way of a continuous increase in vibration frequency. For this reason, today's portal day can have two effects.

The beginning of December is ushered in with high incoming energy due to Portal Day. For this reason, this month will definitely be a clarifying month, which fundamentally stands for transformation, introspection and redemption..!!

On the one hand, it can show us our own shadow parts, heart desires and inner unredeemed aspects, but on the other hand it can also show us our strengths, our successes and mastered life situations. Apart from that, the portal day can also make us tired or even lethargic, but on the other hand it can also put us in a powerful, dynamic and alert state of consciousness.

Today's very diverse star constellations

Otherwise, today's portal day is also accompanied by Venus in the zodiac sign Sagittarius since 10:13, which allows our ideal being to awaken. The result is strong self-confidence, optimism, generosity, warmth and a more pronounced intuition. From 11:05 onwards an opposition (tension aspect) between Mars and Uranus will take effect, which will firstly last for a few days and secondly can lead us to rebellion and arrogance. Through this connection, mental tension and inattention can also come to the fore again, which is why conscious action is more important than ever. At 16:07 p.m. an opposition between the Moon (In Taurus) and Jupiter will take effect, which could make us prone to extravagance and waste. This could lead to conflicts, disadvantages or even damage in romantic relationships. Last but not least, a sextile (harmonic aspect) takes effect between the Moon and Neptune. This connection can give us an impressive mind, a strong imagination, sensitivity and good empathy. A stronger attraction, a lively imagination and dreamy thinking could be the result of this harmonious aspect. Ultimately, the first day of this month is a very exciting, but also a relatively dynamic day, which brings with it positive but also negative influences. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellation Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2017/Dezember/1

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